Buying App reviews – Why should you do and How to do

In the world of smartphones, applications are competing with each other for more downloads which in turn leads to more target users.

App stores classify apps based on the number of downloads and the reviews or ratings of the app. It’s very important to have positive reviews for the apps – so that they can feature in the front pages of the app store.

Positive app reviews also convince the user to download an app and also helps to retain existing users, which in turn can increase earnings from the app. It also boosts conversion rates and the trustworthiness of the app.

There are a lot of websites that claim to provide free app reviews, but one trustworthy website is App developers can easily register on the website and request for providing reviews for their apps at a nominal price. The biggest advantage Appreviewspro offers is the cost per review method, ie: the developer is charged only according to the number of reviews the app has got. Let’s see what are the steps to Buy Android app reviews online.

The registration process is fairly simple – the app developer needs to create an account on the website. Then the campaign should be created. For this, they need campaign credits which can be purchased. The credits are in USD and can be purchased via Paypal.

The developer then needs to select the platform where the review should be posted – Android or iOS or both of them. Then the number of stars they need, 5 stars will be default but the developer can choose any amount of stars from 1-5 to prove the authenticity of the app. You can then decide how the app wants to be reviewed, either the app developer can specify what kinds of reviews it is or leave it to the reviewers.

Then provide a campaign name, and select the budget required for the reviews. It is possible to set a maximum ceiling for reviews. Finally provide app name and Appstore URL of the app which has to be reviewed.

Reviewers can apply for providing reviews and the developer can accept or reject reviews based on their application. After the reviews have been written on the Appstore, users can take a screenshot of the review and send it to the app developer for processing the payment.

The process is simple and efficient and guarantees the best reviews for the apps in a cost-effective way. This is a method that every app developer should try out.

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