Android And The Bouncer Security App

Your safety and security is at risk on every device you use, and now the top app development companies have introduced us to the Bouncer.

Just like the name applies, a bouncer is there to help protect you from the ‘bad guys’. The Bouncer is available for the Android operating system. This app gives the user in depth control over any permissions on other apps.

These permissions allow apps to obtain needed things to run and function proper. However, there are many times that this information gathered is abused by the other apps. This is where your Bouncer comes in. You could spend time continually having to give permission each time one of your apps needs it, and risk that it is a legitimate purpose, or you can plan in advance by using the app Bouncer, created by top app development companies.

Bouncer is a complete automated system that can take back permissions you have inadvertently given. It works as security, in case you forget to remove the permissions given on a temporary app you have used. When you install an app, Bouncer will ask how long you want this permission to last. You are given a few options to choose from:

Keep the permission

Keep for one half hour, hour or any set time

Remove the permission when user presses the home button

The Bouncer takes over from there, it will remove the permission given if you have chosen the second or third option.However, Bouncer does have a couple setbacks. If you apply Bouncer, it will not automatically revoke permissions already given on previous apps installed. Bouncer also requires a runtime app, so it will function properly. This means that it will only work on an Android 6.0 or higher.

When created by top app development companies, they looked for the way to protect the users and their phones and other devices from malware that could potentially be catastrophic. The Bouncer is that protection.

When a new app is installed, it is basically scanned for any spyware, malware or trojans, and will alert the user. It also looks for any apps that may be misbehaving and compares to previous scanned apps on your android. The Bouncer app will also monitor the SMS on any android device, to prevent unwanted text messages being sent or received.

On the bright side, you can work around the aspect of permissions for previously installed apps. All you need to do is open the Bouncer app and choose the all apps setting. From there you only need to tap on the apps that you want Bouncer to revoke permission on.

Bouncer is an app used for security purposes. It will ask for the temporary permission and when the user is finished with the app, for example when you use the map, it will give temporary permission and end that permission when you tap the home button. This also means that for security purposes, even if you open an app again, like maps, the permission is needed by you in order to enter you location. Bouncer does not hold the permissions granted once the home button is selected. Not only will the Bouncer protect your privacy and be security, it can also aid in maintaining battery life. Bouncer does this by removing the permissions for apps running in the background.

The Bouncer app does not require any complex set up, nor does it require any special permissions.

Originally, android was using three layers of protection, malware removal, sandboxing and permissions. By implementing the Bouncer, it automatically is scanning for malicious codes in other apps. Since the Bouncer is not totally automated, you can reduce the risk of false positives by manually seeing that the app is malicious, if the app has been flagged by Bouncer. One of the biggest pluses of Bouncer is that it will also be scanning new developer setups and looking for repeat offenders of malicious malware and the likes.

However, there are continuous threats for any device and platform in today’s world. There is no security that will control the negative issues permanently. As days go by, hackers and other malicious users are looking for ways to target all of us. Android users still need to be watchful of the apps they are installing on their devices. Even with a high tech security such as Bouncer. Top app development companies continually work to improve the apps created to protect the users, but the hackers are working just as hard to break into and gather your information. Using apps created by top app development companies, such as Bouncer for the android OS, will continue to protect us until the hackers succeed in breaking the security. Android and top app development companies will need to continually stay ahead of the game by improving the security apps they offer the users.

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Top app development companies create many apps that android users are installing on their devices, they have a reputation to uphold of safety and security for their customers. The Bouncer app allows the user to feel confident when setting the permissions and the time allotted for each permission. The safety of that permission being revoked when the user presses the home button on the device, just makes the Bouncer that much more of a security protection.

If you are the type of Android user who needs to have the permission apps run once in awhile, then it is a very good app created by top app development companies.

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