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We have all heard it, “All work and no play, makes a dull boy” Is this true? In all reality, it could very well be. So how does one go about changing this when you are not an extrovert?

With millions of conducting business by using their Android or other mobile devices, top app development companies did not forget to allow us to have fun also. Within all the serious apps developed, there are many useless, maybe fun apps to enjoy or use while wasting time.

We have all heard it, “All work and no play, makes a dull boy” Is this true? In all reality, it could very well be. So how does one go about changing this when you are not an extrovert? Even those who are tired of dealing with their android due to work and business can put some amusement and joy into life by checking out some of the pointless or useless apps that are developed by top app development companies.

Some are in fun, some could be considered a waste of time or money for the top app development companies. Life is not all seriousness you know. So let’s get a laugh at least once a day and try something different. The following is just a brief list of some of these apps and what they are.


Cuddlr is an app where some people can locate someone to cuddle with. Yes, this is another type of social app. It is location-based making it easier to find someone, a stranger, to just cuddle with.

DeMotivational Pics

Whether you hate positivity or just thrive on ruining other people’s day, this app created by top app development companies will help you do just that. There are hundreds of pictures that are pointless and actually meant to make someone grumpy or cranky. Next time that happy go lucky person is grinding your nerves with all their happiness, send them a picture or two off this app. You may begin to look like a positive and motivated employee then.


Do you tend to forget where you have parked your vehicle? Does your place of employment have a huge parking garage, or are you at some other huge parking lot? With this ‘fun’ little app you will be told where you can locate your vehicle. Yes, it is helpful and may give you a chuckle. You are told where you can locate said vehicle by a pirate voice.

Run Pee

It is something that happens to all of us at some point. You are deeply involved in a movie and you suddenly feel the urge to visit the restroom. The top app development companies designed an app that will help this situation. All you have to do is enter the name of the movie you are watching and the app will tell you when it is a good time to go relieve yourself. So rather than missing a heavy action point of the film, you can take your break during a low point of the movie.

Places I’ve Pooped

Yep, just like the name says, you are now able to keep track of all locations that you have defecated at. Who knows, maybe you can be in a book of records for pooping in most places??


This app is quite simple. Yes, it took top app development companies to create this one. All this one does is say “Yo!” Personally, we are unsure why someone would want this, but hey…it is all-important to some.

Pimple Popper

Almost as much fun as watching the show, with this app you can pop as many pimples as you desire. There are those who enjoy this activity so why not create an app for it.

Spirit Story Box

This top app development companies creation allows the user to communicate with ghosts or spirits. Of course, it is a matter of belief or not, but may give you a good chuckle or you may have shivers run down your spine with what you hear.

Paper Racing

An app that allows users to compete against each other over something extremely pointless. This is a race where there are no winners at all. Two players will race to see who runs out of toilet tissue first. It is kind of confusing to how it works, but again…one might enjoy this.

Fake Me Out Of Here

Okay, so there are many times that we wish we could have used this one. When you are stuck in a conversation with a person you do not want to be speaking with, or hanging around with, you can push a button and your phone will ring. You are able to excuse yourself for this important call. There is actually no one on the other end, just a ring to enable an escape.

Meal Snap

Another possibly useful app designed by top app development companies. The user takes a picture of their meal and this app will give you a rough idea of how many calories are in the plateful of food.

Doomsday Countdown

For those doomsday preppers, they can enter the date they believe that doomsday will hit. They will be able to know how many days they have left to prepare for the zombie apocalypse and have their safe place, food, clothing and all other important items stored for themselves.

Way Of Life

For when you have bad habits that you really need to break free from! This is like a personal assistant that will help you end that bad habit.

Mosquito Repellent

Sometimes we have to ask why? However, although this is a judgment call if this app will prevent mosquitoes biting you, it was developed by a top app development company. There are some that will say this app does work and yet others who will tell you it does not work.


Oh my goodness, not sure who, what, why anymore? This delightful little app will allow you to virtually shave.

What do some of these apps tell us? Maybe that there are strange people out there? Maybe we all chose the wrong career and should be app developers? Maybe some people just have strange beliefs about what is fun? Be patient, I am sure there will be an app to answer those questions soon.

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