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Tech Terms Every Entrepreneur Should Know

If you are an entrepreneur, you essentially need to be acquainted with certain tech terms. Even if you are not running a tech-related company.

Doesn’t every field has its own set of linguistic terms, which is specific to people in that territory? For instance, the tech industry has dozens of complex software names and acronyms, which are beyond the comprehension of a layman. It may sound to them like they are reading a different language. And that’s true for every field that’s there.

If you are an entrepreneur, you essentially need to be acquainted with certain tech terms. Even if you are not running a tech-related company. Computers, the internet, and networks have become essentials to every business setup. And therefore, you need to know more than Spectrum Internet availability, packages which will suit your workplace, and the number of computers your workplace has.

Check out the following tech terms and let us help you know them better. You will hear and use them quite often in your setup. They are related to computers, the internet, cloud, systems and operations, and so on.


Server Hosting

The devices, which support all your company’s internet networks and computers, are called servers. They also host the entire associated data. Typically, they are owned by ISPs. They lease out the server spaces and provide customers steady Internet connectivity.

Other than leasing, businesses can have their own servers and can hire teams to support and maintain them.

Data Center

Every company has a data center. It is a facility that houses data-storage systems and computer systems including servers. Large companies and ISPs own these data centers. Google, Amazon, and Linux hosting are a few names in this regard.

Back End

Whenever you click on a web page, what you see is called the front end. Whatever is behind the scenes and providing you that pretty picture is the back end. It includes databases, web servers, and apps, which make the front-end work. In website development, the back end has a sheer impact on what the search engines see on your web page.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN is a private network that allows different users to connect to it from practically anywhere. A VPN is used for enhanced security.

Other important tech terms regarding computers and internet are machine learning, open-source, technology stack, DNS (Domain Name Service), web apps, API (Application programming interface), and so on.

Cloud Hosting

There are companies, which prefer to pay for storing data on virtual servers instead of leased ones. Since they are based on Cloud, they can be easily accessed with an internet connection anywhere and everywhere.

Cloud Backup

The important data that is backed up in the cloud and is transferred from some business to the storage space of the provider. It is also called online backup. The process can occur automatically if you set it. The service is quite affordable too because it doesn’t need any additional hardware.

CMS (Content Management Systems)

These systems are used for the content management of websites. These websites essentially include a publishing feature that is web-based. This feature allows formatting and editing of the content without using any coding language.

Custom Software Development

Many businesses need tailor-made software programs to fulfill various operations. Software development companies and development groups develop these. So, you get the option of not using software packages, which are mass-produced.

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Business Intelligence Software (BI)

Business Intelligence is the info that a business gathers about itself. This includes a broad swath of data and that’s why businesses need BI software. These software programs allow companies to keep all the BI data in one place. This makes it easier to analyze and access.

Other terms regarding systems and operations, which you should know are Contract Management Software, Learning management system, ERP Software, CRM (Customer relationship management software), Performance management software, version control, document management, learning management system, and so on.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

 In tech terms related to marketing, you need to know what MVP is. Whenever a startup team is working towards getting their company off the ground, they work toward creating their MVP. It is a simple functional iteration of the product and it can be improved further. The purpose of MVP is to make use of validated learning. It is to get real feedback on your product in comparison with the test or beta input. You can manage to get the most by using MVP. And it requires a minimum amount of effort and development.

Email Marketing

Without effective marketing, no business can flourish. That’s a known truth in the business world. Email marketing is the most mainstream method of product/service promotion. Businesses are now getting creative with the emails by adding videos, images, and other engaging content to add appeal for the customers. Businesses use email marketing software in order to manage campaigns, distribution lists, and analytics.

Other tech terms related to marketing are Impressions, content curation, engagement, organic, A/B testing, marketing automation, and so on.

Now if you have decided to go for one of the Spectrum Internet plans designed for companies and businesses, you might need to educate yourself about the relevant terms. Don’t worry, you can find more online.

Guest Article By Vanessa Cade.

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