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Philips Trimmer – When overgrown beards aren’t your best friend

Facial Hair has become the latest trend and looks good on most men, but what if it grows out of shape?

Most of us use trimmers these days to get our beards in shape and style them according to the latest trends. A trimmer is necessary for maintaining your facial hair. Taking advantages of this fact, there are a lot of trimmers available in the market now. Some are available for really cheap prices – Chinese counterfeit products are available for a while.

What really matters is the comfort level & features offered by these trimmers. That’s where Philips comes into the picture. This popular consumer electronics brand has come up with a brand new range of hair trimmers which are reasonably priced & feature rich. Philips trimmer is available in a variety of models to suit your preferences.

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Each of the Philips trimmers is designed in an ergonomic way & has easy to clean detachable clips with the combs attached. The trim level settings can also be easily adjusted.

Philips trimmer has stainless steel blades which are extra sharp & you don’t need to worry about that leftover part of beard or moustache.

You can buy Buy Philips Trimmer online from the huge variety of the collection available.

The most impressive among the lot is Philips Trimmer QT4005. The QT4005 is an advanced beard trimmer with an ergonomic design. It features a 20 lock-in length settings. It has a skin-friendly rounded tip for smoother functioning. It can be used upto 45 minutes on a single charge & 10 hours continuously while plugged in (most us don’t require that though).

phiips trimmer

The Philips Trimmer BT1212/15 is an affordable trimmer. Its DuraPower technology ensures long-lasting performance, while the self-sharpening stainless-steel blades trim consistently as on the day. This trimmer can also be charged with a micro-USB cable and runs for up to 30 minutes. It also features USB charging for convenience, so that you can charge it using a power bank or can hook it up to a laptop.

philips trimmer

Another interesting one I found is the Philips Trimmer BT3203/15. This one is particularly very beautifully designed. Lift & Trim comb guides hairs to the blades for an even trim & also features DuraPower technology for better battery life. It has 10 lock-in length settings & 0.5-10mm with a precision of 1mm. The adapter light glows when charging.

philips trimmer

Since this is just a sneak peek of the full features & information, you can also check the following videos to understand why these trimmers are the best bang for your budget.

These were the three best trimmers which we have curated for you. You can go through the collection and buy the one which suits your needs the most. Apart from these trimmers, you can also find a huge variety of trimmers to style your beard. Maintain your beard and keep them in shape always with the use of these trimmers.

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