Why I hate the notch displays – and the reasons why you should hate it too

It seems that notches are taking over the smartphone market, from midrange phones to premium flagships.

When Apple launched the hyped iPhone X, people were excited about the notch – protrusion that featured the camera, earpiece & 3D face mapping cameras along with regular plethora of sensors.

The iPhone X design was very much debated and people came in support & against the idea of bezel-less design & notches. But the notch soon found its way to other manufacturer’s devices. Fast forwarding to the present – now we really don’t have a choice.

It’s true, like take any flagship device available in the market – you will certainly find it with a notch except for Samsung, who is the only one OEM that seems to resist towards this notch kind of fancy – as of the time of writing 😊 .

As a reviewer, let me tell you my honest & strictly personal opinion about The Notch – that it’s overrated. Right now I’m searching for a phone that could replace my daily driver, the Xiaomi Mi Max 2. The problem is that, being a notch hater – I don’t have much options to choose from. I would have settled for the POCO F1 ( or Pocophone F1 ) but alas, it features a notch!

So in the end I’m left with Samsung as the only notch-less choice & the Pixel 3 (Pixel 3XL has the notch), but the latest Samsung flagships are too pricey. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is my pick of the phones – although I feel reluctant to spent so much money on a smartphone.

It is sad that we as consumers do not have a real choice to choose from – and forget being different in a smartphone world where being cool is better regarded than being productive. With no smartphones in the 15k – 20k INR price range offering notch less design its very hard for haters to choose from.

And why do you need a notch for making a bezel less design when they can follow Samsung’s examples and go for an Infinity Edge to Edge display? (I don’t whether its patented design, just thinking about an idea). But don’t you people think that the notch gets in the way of a true bezel-less experience, do you? And then there are people who say, why bother bro – it’s possible on this X & Y smartphone to HIDE THE NOTCH!

Then there was no need to buy that smartphone as hiding the notch results in a 16:9 aspect ratio other than 18:9 aspect ratio with the notch visible. Remember that we are losing screen real-estate by doing this.

With the whole tech industry going berserk with bezel-less displays, notches & Infinity Displays I sincerely hope that atleast the latest computers will stay away from this trend – the laptops, I meant to say.

UPDATE: Nooo!!! Why is this happening..!! Asus Zenbook S13 is now out! And guess what? It features a notch – although this notch protrudes outside the metal chassis of the notebook,as opposed to inwards to the display. Pheww!!

Are you a notch hater – or a notch lover? Do you think this tech innovation is intuitive? Do tell me in the comments below, I would love to have a discussion about this with my readers.

Thank you for reading through this piece of thought 😀  Don’t forget to tell your views below in comment section!

Arjun Koroth

Chief Editor

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