5 Android Apps to Boost Your Privacy

The prevalence of security hacks and data breaches all over the online world has made it natural for anyone using the internet to worry about their safety online.

Given the massive amounts of personal data held stored on the smartphones we carry around, it’s no surprise that the risk is greater than ever before. In fact,​ people with social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) face a 46% higher risk at falling victims to identity theft than those without.

However, fear not about your Cyber security as there are a host of privacy apps out there to help secure it for you. For the users of Android phones, the options of privacy apps extend even further.

Here Are The Top Five Privacy Apps-That every Android user needs to download for protecting their online privacy

1. Smart AppLock

The numeric pin codes and the swiping patterns that you use only secure the front screen of the phone. There is nothing that stops anyone from accessing the folders and apps on the phone should they gain access.

Thus, those numeric pin codes and the swiping patterns are not doing much for your security. Think of the times when you give your phone to someone, and they start going through the personal data on your phone.

In such a scenario, this app helps you in altering the permission settings for all the apps on your phone individually. A third-party will not be able to open the Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter apps on the phone until they know your password.

2. Find My Device

Find My Device is a kind of exclusive app from Google that works similarly to the Find My iPhone app. It helps the user by locating the Android phone when it is lost or disabling the phone when it gets stolen. You have to enable the setup for viewing location information along with playing a sound if it is within your earshot.

It is a highly useful app when you have lost your phone as you can utilize this app for leaving a callback number on your screen. If anyone comes across your phone, they can call you on the number and have no problem in returning your phone to you.

3. Hushed

It is easy to forget that the Smartphones also work as phones that can initiate voice calls over the wireless telecommunication networks and not only enable WhatsApp. Thus, when you give your phone number to a sales representative, you can expect to get flooded with the sales calls.

Hushed is an app that helps you make temporary phone numbers such that the actual phone number stays hidden. It is perfect for the times when you post the ads on a website or fill out forms on a website. It can also come in handy for keeping alternative caller IDs, handling multiple phone lines for business and personal use, and doing away with the need to have a second phone with you at all times.

4. Proton Mail

The invasive tracking features of Google do not stop at searching. Their algorithms extend to Gmail as well, such that Google can help in serving you tailored and targeted ads. The biggest issue with Gmail and other such mailing apps is that they do not have end-to-end encryption.

ProtonMail is a mailing app that offers an excellent alternative to the likes of Gmail. The experts made it at CERN, and it is open source, which means you can audit the code as and when needed. You can keep your mails password protected and even set the messages to get self-deleted after a certain period. The messages are all duly encrypted, further ensuring your security.

5. LastPass

Given the number of apps that we have in our phones, it is natural for us to tend to forget multiple passwords, and thus, keeping the same password for all the apps. The problem of thinking new passwords every time and going through a long process of password recovery every time a password is forgotten further builds up this tendency.

However, this is a dangerous approach because the moment one of the apps gets hacked all of the apps run a risk of being compromised.

LastPass is helpful in such a scenario as it not only manages your passwords but also works as a password generator that keeps all the personal information like a secure vault. You can even set the app to alter passwords automatically from time to time.

Waste no time and install the privacy apps on your android phone today to heave a sigh of relief regarding your online presence.

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