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4 Ways to Use Tech to Dramatically Improve Brand Engagement

The “contest” to maintain and gain more online engagement has gotten steeper and steeper every year since the dotcom bubble burst back in the early 2000s.

If you are an online business owner or an internet marketing professional, you already know that the competition for customer attention online is an uphill battle. The “contest” to maintain and gain more online engagement has gotten steeper and steeper every year since the dotcom bubble burst back in the early 2000s.

The introduction of Web 2.0 platforms and social media just made the competition much worse because virtually anyone with access to the internet can now become a content publisher. To be able to compete at all, higher quality content is necessary and you may need to hire professional content copywriting services as well.

Here are some tips that you can follow to improve brand engagement through technology:

1. Know the average attention span of internet users

The average attention span of people online has become shorter in the past two decades. It is now estimated that a typical internet user will spend an average of only 8 seconds per page.

Some do not even bother to follow links shared on social media and simply rely on the headlines. If you own a website, you can confirm this based on the analytics report of how long visitors stay on the pages of your website. This is a problem that results in low conversion rates.

Some researchers have pointed out that the problem is really not about people’s deteriorating capacity to focus per se but rather the presence of multiple distractions online. People are forced to multitask while on the web.

People can still have the focus to read long articles, watch long videos or even peruse complicated technical papers, but they tend to ignore most of the “white noise” flooding their social media news feeds every day.

You may focus only on the types of content that receive higher traffic and more attention from online users. If you know these types of data, you can design your website and content marketing more efficiently.

2. Compare conversion rates

In terms of creating public awareness for your brand, sponsored ads featured on social media are an excellent option because they are highly precise and require less effort compared to other strategies such as email marketing and content marketing.

However, according to AdWeek, despite the high level of brand awareness and traffic that social media ads bring, their average conversion rate is only 0.7%. In comparison, organic search and email marketing campaigns have 1.95% and 3.19% conversion rates, respectively.

You can improve your social media conversion rate if you also improve brand engagement. Either you do it to have an effective strategy. You may simply focus on the strategy that brings the highest conversion rate. For example, if website content marketing brings the highest conversion rates, it is justifiable to allocate more for copywriting costs.

3. Personalize your marketing approach

Your potential customers are likely to pay more attention to the products you are selling if you personalize your approach. Obviously, it is impossible to know all about the relevant information about your target market. Or, is it? Well, you do not need to do it manually anyway.

Many marketing and advertising campaigns can be personalized by using data collection algorithms. For instance, Amazon algorithms record the browsing and buying patterns of their shoppers. Based on these patterns, the website recommends products that are likely to be bought by individual Amazon users.

You may also personalize your social media ads by targeting specific demographics. The narrower and more specific your target, the easier it will be to personalize your ads. For instance, if you are targeting comic book fans to buy your action figures, t-shirts or art works, you may focus on a specific superhero or groups of superheroes in designing your products and ad posters.

4. Make your marketing campaigns more interactive

Instead of simply producing videos or writing articles, you may also develop free apps or free online games. Even if you are promoting non-tech related products such as baby care products, it is possible to design apps and interactive games for the purpose of marketing what you offer.

Hyper casual games are now becoming very popular for mobile device users, and you can try developing marketing campaigns based on these games.

Technology is definitely a tool that can make your job easier.

If you know how to use it wisely and skilfully, it can significantly improve brand engagement and conversion rates. Just like in using other types of tools, you must know which tool to use, how to use it and how to be creative in using it.


Hisham Wyne is an award-winning copywriter, brand consultant and content creator based in Dubai. He has over a decade’s experience in helping brands get their messages right. From crisp web copy and zippy brochures to in-depth company profiles and analytical annual reports, Hisham makes words work for you – so you can sell better, gain visibility, and give your brand a unique voice.


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