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Beelink Pocket P2 Review: The PC stick companion for your Television!

A pocket sized computer for your office work & casual web browsing, this is worth buying.

The mini PC is powered by Intel Atom series chipset.

Starting from 2015, we saw a new type of computing device emerge & making ripples in tech world. They are Stick PCs.

Intel started the stick PC lineup with Intel Compute stick. Most of the PC sticks are powered by variants of Atom Z3735 Chipset. Here TechBuzzIn reviews Beelink Pocket P2 a stick PC which is smaller than your palm but still has power than a netbook. Just need an external AC power source & a Television.

Lets Go through the review:

It’s very slim & hence there’s just one full-size USB Port. It has a micro-USB port in which you can connect devices using an OTG Adapter. Another micro-USB port is present, which acts as charging port. It has a status LED & a micro-SD expansion slot. The unit was not provided free for review we had to buy it. The things you get in the box apart from the P2: A charging cable,OTG Cable, HDMI adapter & a Wireless Keyboard which works well with other devices. The Pocket P2 has a matte finish so its safe from dust & scratches.

beelink pocket p2

For the review, instead of a TV, we used a Full-HD Monitor. After connecting device, we switched on the device. The Blue status LED light up and booted very fast ( 6 Seconds), which is expected from a UEFI device. For testing a 720p HD video was played & frameskipping test was done. There was no lag while skipping b/w parts of the video. Then we tried to connect to the internet. While nearby WiFi connections are working fast, when distance increases, chances are that the speed gets reduced. And then finally gets disconnected. So it was clear that the Wireless chipset is not upto the mark(compensate for cost effectiveness),the chipset was a WiFi+BT combo chipset & we tried again after disabling Bluetooth in BIOS. This time WiFi reception seemed improved(not so much) & were able to browse a little more fast. Then it was game-time in the test center.


The Pocket P2 handles low resolution & frame rates well, but when resolution crosses 1280*720 , things began stuttering, artifacts popped up & at that point we stopped the test. NFS MW, EA Cricket 2007 etc could be played without any problems. PES 2016 can also played, keeping the resolution low & quality set to low.


Verdict: Considering the price tag of 7000 INR the Beelink Pocket P2 seems a good alternate to expensive HTPCs & Smart TVs. Barring a few problems like network issues, the Pocket P2 is still on our good books. A must buy! The Video review will be uploaded on Youtube soon! Keep Visiting! You can buy it from Amazon right now! Just click the below link to get started!


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