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Customize Outdoor Light Timer with Sonoff Pow

Light timers can automatically turn on/off the lights or home appliances at the pre-set time. There are many different types of light timers. The outdoor light timer can be used to automatically control outside devices, such as greenhouse, swimming pool, watering system, garage door lighting, outdoor lighting, etc. Of course, we prefer multi-function outside light timer to support auto, manual or random operation. Today, I want to introduce you the most cost effective multi-function timing switch. It not only supports different types of timing, but also supports remote on/off function and much more.

Sonoff Pow is a WiFi Wireless switch supports to remote turn on/off, measure power consumption, check real time power, measure power consumption for a specified time.

Customize Outdoor Light Timer with Sonoff Pow

Guess how much this smart gadget cost? It’s $10.50. The device has got CE& RoHS certified. You have no idea how much I love it. Just ten bucks and get your appliances power monitored. Also, you can set up a series of light timers for your appliances or electric devices.

Sonoff Pow supports 90~ 250V AC input, its maximum input current is 16A and maximum power is 3500W. Next, I will show you how to use it.

Firstly, connect the Sonoff Pow with your light. The wiring connection is like below:


Then add the device to iOS or Android EWeLink. If you have not downloaded it yet, you can go to Google Play or APP Store to download it. Install it and register yourself an account, sign in.

Press and hold the pairing button on Sonoff Pow, your’ll see the green LED start to blink. Then click”+” on EweLink, select the blinking way and tap Next. Once it search the device, you’ll be asked to enter WiFi SSID and password. Then you can name your device to complete adding.

sonoff app

The Sonoff Pow has added to your account. You can tap on the device to enter into the control interface. The real-time power of connected device always display there. Tap the ON/OFF icon, you can remotely turn it on or off. If you click on the left icon, you can measure the power consumption for a period.
Customize Outdoor Light Timer with Sonoff Pow

If you tap on the right icon, you can check the daily power consumption and monthly power consumption data. Find out which device consume the most will help you save electricity charge.

As you can see the timer and countdown timer on the button. You can set single/repeat timing schedules to turn on/off the device at a preset time by tapping “Timer”. Now you can use this function to set outdoor light timers. You can set timers to turn on/off your greenhouse, swimming pool, outdoor light, garage light, etc.

sonoff app

In countdown timer, you can set to turn on/off the device at the preset countdown time.

Owning a low-cost Sonoff Pow means you can remote control your device, set up light timer and monitor and measure power consumption in one powerful smart switch. Compare with the other outdoor light timer and smart switch, Sonoff Pow is more cost-effective, and more powerful. Do not forget it has got CE & RoHS certified, the quality is great. That is why it is being sold out every time the new batch comes.

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