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Recover lost data in Windows 10 – Methods

With the release of Windows 10, it has become quite an interesting topic of discussion for worldwide users, OS developers, and mass media. The addition of new features and improvement from the previous version makes this Windows OS version worth discussing. Moreover, upgrades and replacement of Operating System to this updated edition has become quite popular.


Apart from this, software manufacturers are also upgrading their applications to make them more supported over this official version. This will make products more compatible with the Windows 10 Operating System and vice versa. Since the user experience plays a vital role in making an application or an Operating system worth exploring, let’s understand it in more depth in the upcoming section.

Interactive Interface – A Must-Have Attribute!

Consistent improvement, development, and transition in information technology have made the applications advanced and efficient. Not only have the products become more functional but user-centric as well. One revolutionary feature being introduced in the most recent version of the Windows OS is Cortana. The feature supports both PCs and tablets.


Apart from this, an all-new web browser Microsoft Edge makes its debut in Windows 10 with a more organized operability and reliability. With a number of APIs, this version helps application developers creating real world holographic experience.


In other words, it helps developers understand user concerns and provide solutions accordingly. It can be concluded that all these features makes this edition more user aligned.


Service Comes First!

Windows 10 gives preference to service. Its idea behind introducing such features in Windows 10 is that the user must be able to interact with the system as easily and effectively as possible. Microsoft believes that service is the main aspect that comes first, and then comes the technology. Therefore, it looks upon this version of the Windows more as a service than an Operating System.


Windows 10 comes with huge improvements – UI optimization, great stability enhancements, and new Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has declared that this edition doesn’t contain any serious bugs. With the new browser, you can import bookmarks from other browsers. You are provided with the benefit of saving password details for various sites for the ease of access. It also integrates auto-fill feature for online forms.


What in case of Data Loss?

Well, data loss is a common issue with all the versions of Operating System, irrespective of the platform being used. Windows 10 offers dual ways to recover lost data that includes recovery from backup and recovery of data from previous versions.


Even though users are well familiar with both the ways of Windows 10 data recovery techniques, it would be beneficial to take a quick review of both: 


Restore from Backup:

It is always recommended to make it a habit to back up the hard drive data on a regular basis, irrespective of the platform or version of Operating System being installed. Backups are the easier ways to restore data in case any type of corruption takes place.


Backup and Restore utility can be accessed to get the backup and restoration task completed. The interface is quite simple and easy to operate for all kind of users. In case any data gets lost, it can be restored back from the most recent backup.


Restore from Previous Versions:

If crucial data gets deleted accidently or intentionally, you can restore it from the previous version stored on the system. Using this option, you can select to restore deleted files or restore files and folders to a selected previous version.


When you access this option, you will notice a list of previous versions of files and folders. If you are using Windows Backup, the list will also include files saved on backup along with restore points, in case both these types are available.


Third-Party Apps with Exclusive Data Recovery Modules:

recover lost dataWell, this is undoubtedly a good choice. There are third-party apps available to recover Windows 10 data when the user demands recovery benefits beyond the capabilities of inbuilt programs. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery helps restore lost data in multiple ways. The tool offers ‘Drive Recovery’ module that enables recovering deleted files from individual volumes as well as helps recover lost volumes being deleted accidently.

The tool offers a number of features while recovering data from Windows hard drive. All kind of data is recovered including images, documents, presentations, graphics and other multimedia files. The tool is capable to perform a scan on hard drives having more than 2TB storage volume. Recovery is supported for multiple file types that include FAT, NTFS, and ExFAT.

Apart from this, the major benefit is that the tool is compatible to run on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP versions. Selective files can be recovered to save time and perform quick recovery procedure. The interface is self-defined and multiple files are recovered and restored at a single instance.

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