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What Makes Your Online Course More Engaging and Memorable?

Online courses are becoming increasingly popular. It is a perfect way of sharing knowledge and experience with other people. This potential was recognized by many experts in different fields, which has to lead to the creation of online courses that make millions of dollars.

Another great use for an online course is related to business purposes. It is now possible for businesses to easily distribute knowledge with their employees.

No matter the online course application, making the materials engaging and memorable requires taking the right steps. Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can improve the quality of your online courses.

Offer different learning options from the start

What Makes Your Online Course More Engaging and Memorable?

The biggest advantage that online courses bring to the table is flexibility and customization. This is something that you, as the course creator, should take into consideration.

Yes, you can create a course that contains only textual documentation, but it is not the most optimal way of delivering information. Furthermore, it is not a medium that offers high information retention rates.

Including video and audio materials is a much better option. Delivering information in this way brings much higher information retention rates. This is possible because people tend to more easily remember things because they can relate them to the imagery.

Taking this step will help you create courses that are truly memorable. People will simply remember the course information and be able to apply it later on.

Weave the information through a story

A simple information layout is an approach used in numerous student books. It is no wonder why people struggle with acquiring all of the information because the whole approach is dull. If you are thinking about creating a course that is truly going to be memorable, picking a story to present to your students is a must.

Whatever the approach, implementing a story in your course is going to create a set of characters people can relate to. It is also easier to remember this form of information delivery than the classic approach.

Taking this step will make the whole learning experience much more convenient, memorable, and engaging.

Include series of metaphors, real-life examples, and analogies

What Makes Your Online Course More Engaging and Memorable?

Every course usually brings a completely new set of information. Some of them are going to be easy to understand, but for others, it might be more challenging for students. This can lead to stress, making the whole course more challenging to complete. If this keeps repeating, the course is not going to perform well, as people will decide to seek out a more optimized learning curve.

The best way to tackle this issue is to increase the presence of various metaphors and analogies. This can significantly help students understand the most complex notions in the online course. Whenever you are working on a set of complex new information, relate them to notions from real-life.

This will better streamline information retention as well because associations with well-known metaphors are going to be made by the students.

Use a clean interface

You have to keep in mind that students need complete focus in order to learn course materials. However, if you choose to add specially design buttons, different color layouts, and numerous other distractions, this is not going to be an effective way of teaching.

Therefore, whatever LMS tool you are using, it is essential to create a clean interface for your students. It will help them better navigate through the course and stay focused.

Many course creators forget about this aspect of learning. Therefore, always make sure to create a clean interface; it will make the course much more engaging and memorable.

Always use active voice

What Makes Your Online Course More Engaging and Memorable?

Taking your student on a journey is going to bring much better information retention rates. Achieving this with a passive voice is practically impossible. It complicates the language and makes it harder to describe different bits of information.

Therefore, always stick to using the active voice, as you want your learner to feel like a partner on your journey of learning new information. It lets you pick a more personal approach with your students. Also, active voice lets you rely more on informal language. This makes it easier for the student to feel relaxed and that you are not talking about some abstract things.

Active voice is perfect for teaching as it engages the listener completely, as you are addressing him or her directly. It is much easier to provide hints and instructions for your students, and it helps the student stay focused, as they are practically in a conversation with you.

It is absolutely necessary to use the active voice, it will help you better reach out to your audience, making the course more memorable and engaging.

Test the learner at the right time interval

Many course creators create tests at wrong time intervals. It is essential to segment the course appropriately. Having long course segments will confuse the learner on what the important information bits are. Once he or she is tested, he or she might underperform due to focusing on wrong types of information.

Therefore, make the course consist of smaller segments and deploy a test after every one of them. This will introduce the student in the cycle of learn, repeat, and reinforce. Not only will this create much better results, the learners will stay more focused when they are covering a segment, as there is a knowledge check at the end.


Taking these steps is going to help you create a more engaging and memorable course for your students. If you want your courses to truly stand out, the next time you are making one, make sure to use one of the above-mentioned approaches. You will immediately notice an improvement in student satisfaction and their performance.


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Written by Kamy Anderson


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