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Top 6 Cooling Stands for Laptops

Almost every laptop user deals with the heating issue of their laptop. This is caused when we mistakenly choke the air vents of the laptop. Heating is also caused due to the intensive applications like video rendering or high graphical games.

Heating can be the result of continuous tasking over hours or may be it happen in minutes. Heating is responsible for underrated performance of laptop. If your laptop gets heated repeatedly in short time then this can damage your device’s hardware. You need to look for a quality cooling pad for your laptop.

Many studies have shown that using a quality cooling pad for your laptop can increase the lifespan of your device. This is because cooling pads keeps the hard drive cooler while working. This cool gadget works on a very small power supply and provides a continuous superior airflow beneath.

Below mentioned are 6 such cooling pads from some of the top stores of the UK. You can use a UK parcel forwarding company to buy any of these pads and the service will send it right to your doorstep.

1. E-PRANCE – 

Top 6 Cooling Stands for Laptops

E-Prance cooling pad comes with four high performance fans. These four fans are controlled by two quality controllers. The heat radiation effect cause by the heating of laptop may results in blue screen, poor quality graphics or permanent damage to the hardware of your laptop.

The cooling pad reduces the risk of any kind of damage due to heating. These fans produce little noise of just about 23 decibel that is not a big deal and can be ignored easily.

The laptop stand is 16 degree adjustable and provides ergonomic look to your laptop. You can easily adjust your laptop to a satisfied angle or position and easily avoid the stiff neck danger.

E-Prance cooling pad is equipped with 2 USB hubs that reduce the need of USB port of your laptop. Its wind switch design makes cooling more efficient and provides continuous flow of air below. Its anti-slip mat provides better grip and protects your laptop from slipping.

E-Prance cooling pad has metal mesh panel that is designed to give more circulation of air and makes the panel breathable and delivers better cooling. This cooling pad is light weight, portable and loaded with unique USB location. All these features provide this gadget an easy interface and unique portability.


2. BELKIN 17 – 

Top 6 Cooling Stands for Laptops

Belkin Coolspot cooling pad will give enough cooling to your laptop and will reduces heating. This cooling pad is designed brilliantly to reduce the heating of your laptop. The continuous airflow keeps your laptop running at its best.

The less heating of your laptop means the longer life of your laptop and better performance for longer time.

The fans produce ignorable noise and are very quiet. Belkin Coolspot is equipped with practical grip pads that delivers effective grip to your laptop. This cooling pad is developed brilliantly to provide easy functionality and maximum convenience.

Belkin Coolspot cooling pad is equipped with USB power supply and compatible to any laptop up-to 17 inch. Belkin gives you the manufacturer’s guarantee of 3 years, so choose Belkin cooling pad for your laptop to experience superior cooling performance.


3. Lavolta Folding – 

Top 6 Cooling Stands for Laptops

Lavolta folding cooling stand is really incredible with its features. It is a unique folding stand having legs that are fully adjustable. The legs of this stand are developed with auto-locking joints that also provide the 360 degree rotation.

This cooling stand is built to hold things in various configurations. This laptop cooling stand comes with an additional board with very easy installing feature. You can easily attach or remove it with the main cooling stand.

It can be used as a breakfast tray also. No I’m not kidding its true.

The fully aluminum finish gives it professional look and the incredible holding capacity makes it a better choice between the top cooling stands. Lavolta folding cooling stand is equipped with 2 fans that produce just 23 decibel noise and I don’t think it will create any distractions.


4. Targus Chill Pro – 

Top 6 Cooling Stands for Laptops

Targus Chill Pro is built to deliver high performance and this cooling stand is a USB powered device. This cooling stand is equipped with two fans that supply continuous superior cooling.

The fans run at 2500 RPM (Revolution per Minute) that is enough to provide best cooling to your device. These fans designed to stay just below the ventilated surface of your laptop to provide continuous flow of superior cooling air. This cooling stand will be perfect for up-to 17 inch laptops.

This cooling stand is developed with an incredible tilt mechanism that provides easy positioning of your laptop with just a simple twist.

This cooling stand has flat rubber base that provides good grip thus you can use your laptop on your lap or on the desk. Targus cooling stand comes with a flexible USB cable that can be stored safely inside the mat after use.


5. ALLSOP 06484 – 

Top 6 Cooling Stands for Laptops

Bring Allsop cooling stand for your laptop and experience the amazing results. This cooling stand will reduce the heating of your laptop surely.

This cooling stand is well designed to behave like a heat shield. Its amazing feature protects the work surface and your knees also from heating. Allsop cooling stand provides continuous passive air circulation below the laptop and makes cooling more efficient.

A unique breathable fabric is used in making of this laptop cooling stand. This unique fabric eliminates the heating and keeps the temperature of your laptop’s components cooler.

 Allsop cooling stand also provides extra protection for your laptop while travelling and enhances its usefulness. So, enjoy comfy and cool computing with this unique laptop cooling stand.


6. Trust Adjustable Cooling Stand

Top 6 Cooling Stands for Laptops

Trust adjustable cooling stand is a well designed cooling stand built to deliver excellent performance. Its silent cooling fans produce ignoble noise and improve the cooling of the components of your laptop.

This cooling stand makes cooling more efficient and provides long life to your laptop. Trust adjustable cooling stand is developed with six level adjustable designs, thus you can easily tilt or lift your laptop display and adjust to the comfortable position.

The USB powered fans needs no external connection for main power. This cooling stand is equipped with protective rubber pads and its non-slip design is enough to prevent sliding of your laptop.

  You can easily store the USB cable inside the stand after use. No need to fuss with the wires, this cooling stand provides easy interface in simple steps.


Our generation is going through a huge digitalization and we are getting addicted with digital devices. We work, play and entertain using computing devices.

Heating of a computed device is a huge problem for the customers as well as for the manufactures too. Manufactures are trying to solve this issue but you can do it by bringing a quality cooling stand for your laptop. Heating may cause serious damage to the hardware of your laptop.

 Invest on a laptop cooling pad and prevent your laptop’s hardware form permanent damage. Not only these cooling pads provide continuous airflow but also provide better grip and comfortable positioning to your laptop.

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Written by Suraj Kumar


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