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LivPure launches new range of RO Water Purifiers & Air Purifiers

LivPure RO Water Purifiers & Air purifiers sneak peek & price

livpure water purifier


What type of water source do you rely upon? Water that reaches your faucet may or may not be treated. And as far as bottled water is concerned, there is a potential risk of toxins entering into the water from the plastic bottle itself. Using an efficient RO water purifier that can eliminate all the dissolved impurities and toxins present in water is a great solution.


Livpure is one of the most trusted manufacturers of water purifiers in India. They focus on delivering superior water purifiers for home and commercial use across India. Passionate towards building a safer world for future generations with the core focus being water treatment, water purification & complete water management solutions for households and corporates.


Countries across the world lay emphasis on environmental cleanliness. However, not many people are aware that the quality of indoor air has an impact on our health. There are various sources of pollution in our households such as cooking residue, paints, and fungal spores.


Air in both indoor and outdoor environments is loaded with contaminants such as smoke, bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust, pet dander, and mold spores. Livpure eliminates these pollutants from the air that we breathe and makes our environment healthier. With Livpure’s air purifiers available online for homes and cars, the experience is nothing short of feeling refreshed and healthy with the purest air you breathe.

Let’s take look at their latest offerings:

Smart Touch RO Water Purifier

smarttouch ro water purifier

Smart Touch is a one-of-kind RO water purifier. It’s operation can be controlled completely using your smartphone.


Its advanced 8-stage water purification system helps clean and disinfect water at 24 LPH (litres per hour). Its taste enhancer kills odour-causing elements from water and gives out purified water that’s free of any foul smell and taste.


Its water storage capacity is 8.5 litres. The water purifier helps eliminate turbidity; minerals such as chlorine, calcium, and magnesium; organics such as pesticides; as well as THMs, bacteria, and viruses.

The water purifier provides multiple dispensing options: Customized glass, customized bottle, and continuous water flow.

The 8 different stages of the purification system are as follows:


    • Pre-Filter: This is the first stage of filtration, and it involves removal of coarse impurities from tap water.
    • Anti-Scalant Cartridge: This filter or cartridge, as the name suggests, softens and chelates scale-producing salts in water. This process helps elongate the life of the RO membrane. As a result, the purification capacity of the system is enhanced.
    • Sediment Filter: The sediment filter helps in the removal of fine and coarse particulates in water.
    • Pre-Activated Carbon Filter cum Adsorber: The pre-activated filter helps in adsorbing chlorine and organic impurities such as pesticides. Organic compounds that impart bad smell and hazy color to water are removed by this filter.
    • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane:The RO membrane performs one of the most important functions in the purification system. Water received by this filter is subjected to high pressure, which helps in removing traces of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and THMs from water. Microbes that are harmful for health, such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, are also eliminated.
    • Mineralizer: The resultant water from RO is passed through this filter for taste and quality enhancement. Necessary minerals get added to water, and its pH value gets balanced as a result.
    • Ultra-Filtration Cartridge: The ultra-filtration cartridge works by removing fine, suspended impurities from water. It removes bacteria, giardia, cysts, etc. present in the resultant water.
    • Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Column: This column takes care of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, thus providing clean, potable water.


Pep Plus RO water purifier


livpure pep plus

Livpure Pep Plus is loaded with features to give your pure and clean drinking water. Its seven stage purification process purifies impure water effectively. It sports an elegant and sleek look and can be mounted on any wall of your kitchen.

The storage capacity of its tank is 7 litres and its purification capacity is up to 12 litres per hour. For your convenience, this water purifier has power on, purification tank full, and UV fail buzzer indicators.


Mentioned below are the 6 steps of purification stage:


    • Sediment Filter – Water is passed through sediment filter at high speed. In this stage, removal of smaller and coarser particles takes place.
    • Pre-Activated Carbon Cum Adsorber – Pre-activated Carbon Adsorber plays a key role in the elimination of harmful pesticides from water. It also absorbs bad color, taste, and odor from water.
    • Antiscalant Cartridge – The Antiscalant Cartridge primarily works in impeding scale build ups on membrane layers, created by water salts.
    • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane – RO Membrane serves the most important role in the purification process by removing dangerous chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, THMs, heavy metals, hardness, and other metals. It also acts effectively in the removal of microbial threats like bacteria, protozoa, and virus.
    • Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection Column – In this step, water is treated with UV radiation to remove microbes like bacteria, virus, and protozoa from it.
    • Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Filter – Silver carbon filter acts efficiently in getting rid of organic impurities, thereby increasing its quality and taste.

Glitz Water Purifier


livpure glitz water purifier

Upgrade to a new stylish water purifier and transform tap water into clean and healthy water. Its elegant and stylish design with 4 stage purification system make it ideal for your home.


The Livpure Glitz UV Water Purifier is one of the best in India and uses advanced Ultrafiltration and Ultraviolet technology to provide sterilized and uncontaminated drinking water. This home water purifier sports a sleek, elegant DIY cartridge replacement and an e-monitoring system to monitor the purity levels of your drinking water supply.


It features the state-of-the-art power saver technology to guarantee minimum and efficient power utilization. The convenient shutter tray facilitates easy filling of water bottles or glasses. Designed with a UV failure indicator, this water purifier informs you when it is time to service it.

This UV water purifier employs a four-stage filtration process to remove chlorine, turbidity, inorganic chemicals, and organic substances like THMs and pesticides from the water supply.

4 Stage Filtration process –

1) Sediment Filter – This filter effectively removes fine, suspended impurities from the water. It is multilayered and made from non-woven, non-biodegradable polypropylene fiber. The multiple layers are heat sealed to ensure structural integrity and zero media migration.   

2) Pre Activated Carbon Filter – This filter, filled with highly-activated coconut shell charcoal, protects the membrane and purifies the water by removing residual chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, weedicides, insecticides, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons with carcinogenic properties.

3) Anti-Scalant Cartridge – The anti-scalant cartridge chelates scale-causing salts in water to prevent scaling on membrane layers, thus leading to enhanced purification capacity and membrane life.

4) Ultra Filtration Membrane – The UF membrane plays a major role in filtering out bacteria, algae, cysts, and other microbial organisms from your drinking water supply. Furthermore, it also enhances the clarity of water by identifying and eliminating coarse and finely-suspended impurities.


Moving on to the list of Air Purifier,they have some really good products here:


FreshO2 450 Air Purifier


fresho2 air purifier


Livpure fresh o2 450 is a unique sleek design air purifier available with 4 stage filtration, which deliver CADR of 450 m3/hr and suitable for 500 square feet area. Its LED indicator indicates the quality of air automatically. The aroma-dispenser system (Aromatherapy option) embedded in this air purifier fills the air with freshness and leaves you feeling relaxed. Its compact size helps the purifier occupy any space in the room.


The FreshO2 450 Air Purifier, with a 5-level fan speed adjustment option, offers a high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 450 cubic meter/hour and is immensely effective in removing pollutants such as pollen, bacteria, formaldehyde, and dust. Its coverage area is 500 sq. ft.  It also has indicators – Red for poor, Green for good, Blue for excellent – to display the quality of the air.


It is equipped with 5 purification filters:
Pre-Filter: Pre-filtration is a significant step in the purification process because it helps elongate the life of air purifiers. The pre-filter catches large particulate pollutants such as dust and pet dander.

This action prevents large particles from clogging up the main filter. Pre-filters need to be replaced periodically for your air purifier to function efficiently.

HEPA Filter: Studies have suggested that High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters help relieve allergies. Moreover, it is in this stage of filtration that all the action lies.

HEPA filters are the most effective component of the filtration mechanism (as per the United States Environmental Protection Agency), as they are capable of capturing particles smaller than 0.1 microns.

HEPA filters catch pollutants through interception, impaction, and diffusion. These mechanisms are function-specific and help capture particles of varying sizes.

Activated Carbon Filter: Activated carbon filters work in conjunction with HEPA filters to remove chemicals such as benzene as also allergens such as smoke and pet fur.

Filtration in this stage works on the principle of adsorption whereby particulate pollutants in the air chemically react with carbon, thereby adhering to the filter.

Cold Catalyst Filter: Construction materials and furnishings are sources of formaldehyde. Exposure to this chemical has been known to cause respiratory, reproductive, and developmental disorders. Cold catalyst filters efficiently trap this hazardous chemical.

Deep Seaweed Mud: Studies have time and again reported the benefits of seaweed mud. This stage of filtration ensures further disintegration and elimination of impurities from the air. The primary function of deep seaweed mud is decomposition of formaldehyde, sterilization, and odor control.


You can check the Price of Water Purifer & Air Purifier from LivPure website.Also buy the Best Water Purifier for your home.

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  1. Air purifiers are the need of the day. The rising pollution is causing a lot of health hazards for those living in towns. We really need the best air purifiers in India to work against the pollution of India. Livpure Hepa air purifier is the best as it has 5 purification filters. I will soon buy this for my home online @

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