Why should you Stop Monetization using Adsense-and why CPC sucks

The Reasons for ditching Google Adsense & finding better alternatives that aren’t based on CPC

stop monetization using adsense

We don’t use Google Adsense,surprised?? Well then you’d ask us if TechBuzzIn Mediaworks is running the site the Non-Profit way? Nope.Just because Google Adsense is the pioneer in ad serving & monetization method of millions,do we need to implement it for revenue?

Of course no.We’re not using Adsense.Because it simply is not worth the effort we put into getting approved for Monetization using Adsense. There are reasons why you probably shouldn’t use Adsense Monetization for your website.


First of all,the whole CPC ad concept is a failure for publishers.

You wont get that much revenue off CPC ads unless your traffic is high enough.You earn according to the clicks  the ads on your page receive.We have noticed that only high traffic pages on our site receive atleast 20-30 clicks per day,& the rest gets none.

The publishers get a significantly lesser amount compared to what Google/or other ad servers get as revenue.Even the advertiser saves a lot of money.Your revenue is controlled by Internet giants who sell your data,but are not accountable to you for any losses that you incur.

For low traffic websites,CPC ads are definitely not an option.If at all you suddenly get a surge in traffic-you’re screwed.See below


Second-Google can deny payment citing their own reasons

We are a victim of Adsense’s popular reason for suspension of monetization of website.Popularly referred to as ‘Invalid Activity‘,these are Google’s lame excuses for denial of payment & suspension of Adsense account.

Invalid Activity states that the Ads on a particular page received for more clicks than the average pageviews of the website.You can appeal against the decision,but it is of no use-it’s Google who considers your appeal & they’re gonna stay with their decision.

This means that any unexpected surge in your website traffic can get you banned from adsense-effectively killing your revenue leaving you stranded.


Loss of visitors when they click the Ad:

Adsense links opens in the same tab when it is clicked.This makes the visitor leave our site-which makes our content effectively useless.Most ads are intrusive contrary to what Google asserts.You lose a subscriber,a pageview,a sale etc…

In the end,in converts into higher bounce rate for your website,which will plummet your website’s search ranking down.What happens here is the great content you have on your page is left unseen.


You have no control over the Ads on your website:

There are over 1,000,000 advertisers on Google Adsense & they have a variety of adverts too.After trying so hard to get approved for Adsense,you get limited control over the ads on your website.It’s the big daddy who controls this kind of stuff.

The ads should be tailored to the content niche of your website.There’s no point in showing an ad for Kitchen appliances in a website dealing with Smartphone reviews.Till now Adsense does not allow the publisher to control over such ads appearing on wrong category website.


So what is the best option-Direct/Sponsored Ads

Direct Ads are better than CPC ads.They offer a constant source of revenue & are not like CPC ads where you pay per click.Here the payment is usually in monthly or weekly basis.These ads are cacheable & generally speed up your website,unlike CPC ads which use Javascript to load & constantly connect to ad server using AJAX.


Sponsored Articles:

sponsored ads
Image from Geek Crunch Reviews

This is by far the best option we’ve encountered.Sponsored Articles act as advertisements,provide content for the publisher & revenue.These offer better details of a product than an Advertisement & will easily fetch you more money than CPC ads.


However Sponsored articles are given only to publishers who do well with their website,& the website should have decent DA/PA or desired Pagerank specified by an advertiser.We finance & maintain our website solely based on sponsored articles & reviews.When you write sponsored articles,make sure that you do not over praise a product by degrading their competitors.Compare the product/service with the competitors & honestly write in favor of the product.


Affiliate Marketing Partnerships:


affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can help you earn millions if you do it right.If you own a niche site,try contacting companies(usually startup companies because they have a better chance to respond positively) to partner with them to sell their product on your website.Make an agreement that a certain amount of commission will be credited to you when someone buys a product.


Then go on to endorse the product on your website.Ask them to send the product for review.If they don’t-still write about its features & how this particular product benefits the consumer.


Or you have Amazon,Ebay affiliate programs which does the same thing.You advertise a product & the product is sold on your behalf-the commission is credited to you.But Amazon affiliate ads use Javascript & we’ve experienced that it takes a while to load completely.But still it is a worthy option than CPC ad networks like Adsense.

What do you think?

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