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FotoJet Online Image editor reviewed:Create & Edit Graphics & Photos

Online Photo Editor by FotoJet-Web App Review



FotoJet is a recently launched online tool for designing,photo editing & collage making.It’s easy to use & simple for beginners.The developers behind the popular Image Manipulation service is PearlMountain Ltd.


Let’s read a short review about FotoJet. We’ll be trying out two main features,Design Maker & Photo Editor.

*Please note that we’r reviewing as a Premium user & hence we have access to all Pro features of the tool.


The Photo Editor:

For this purpose,we’re going to select a reference image of a Brahmini Kite photographed from Sony HX400V cam.

brahmini kite

Now we’re gonna load this image in the editor & start the work.The UI is absolutely simple & easy,& you can navigate around to try out each setting.


There’s an Auto Enhance feature if you aren’t familiar with tweaking a lot of settings & if you’re looking for minor Brightness,Contrast,Exposure changes for your photo-this option suits you.


But then you wish to get your hands dirty & try out the settings manually.From the Exposure tab,you can tune the brightness,contrast & even recover image detail lost in shadow area using highlight & shadow sliders.

Moving on to the Advanced Pro features of FotoJet:


The Sharpness adjustment can also be used to increase clarity,which we think is a great option to have.The same effect can be achieved in Adobe Photoshop but just too complicated.It’s good that this feature  is available.The clarity of the reference photo was adjusted slightly to make the edge of the wings & the palm leaves sharper.



Dehaze was a feature much hyped in Photoshop CC.The feature effectively reduces significant amount of blur from the images,but we’ve noticed that FotoJet makes the image darker in the process.



Simple Vignette feature where you can adjust the colors of the vignette effect.



This adds Noise(Grains) to the photo.It’ll not be of any use to basic editing folks,but for pro editors it can be used to remove artifacts & banding for images having uniformity in color over large area.



This feature helps to Focus selective portions of the image by blurring the other parts.The intensity of the blur effect can varied using the sliders.It can also adjust the Tilt Shift of the photo.Blurring out the leaves distant from the subject ie:the Kite gave the photo a perfect look.


Color Splash feature:

This is an intuitive feature.It converts the whole photo to B&W & then allows the user to selectively color different areas of the image using the brush.May be used for images to provide an abstract look.


Selective Filter:

Again our fav feature! This can be used to apply custom set of Exposure,Contrast,Brightness & Settings for a particular part of the photo,but not to the rest of the image.





There are a lot of effects available for the user.Ranging from Featured to Scene.A total of 8 categories of effects-Plus the categories contain sub-effects too.There’s a lot to explore!

You can add text to your photographs using the text tool-it has a  variety of font styles & shapes.



You can add an overlay to your photo using this option.A quirky option which you’ll love,Bokeh & Montage effects are the best among the overlays.


At last…

Finally we completed the edits of our reference photo.And here’s how it looks like.

brahmini kite

Simply brilliant!We never expected this kind of quality from an online image editing tool,the surprising fact being that the picture quality of the photo(Zoom,Clarity & that nature feel) is intact although the EXIF data is stripped off from the image.Hopefully,they’ll fix the stripping issue soon.


Creating a Design using FotoJet:

The Design feature allows to create graphic images for use in Youtube Channel Art,Facebook,Google+,Images for posting to social media & Flyer Designs.Also allows creation of Magazine covers,Invitation cards & attractive Poster Designs.


We even created a new Youtube Channel Art using FotoJet app & that’s what we now have on our channel.You have access to predefined templates,Clipart,Text fonts & can add photos to your design.There’s also a rich collection of stock photos from Pixabay(we’d like to have UnSplash,because search results for images on Pixabay returns very unrelated images).

We tried creating a splash image for this article when we post on our Social Media handles.And here’s what we did:


You can set custom textures or images as background(like what we did),add clipart,shapes & logos to your graphic to make it more attractive.The only option we missed was the Overlay-it should’ve present here,at least a few subtle overlays should be provided.Still,the tool does a good job in ensuring that the created graphics are in great quality.There’s option to select the quality & format(JPEG or PNG),once you’re done with your creation.


Final Verdict:

FotoJet is a very useful tool for creating attractive graphics & editing photos.Its simple & intuitive UI scores over other competitor online editors.The quality of images edited are top-notch & should be noted.The predefined templates & photo search makes it even more awesome.The final results of edits gave us a satisfaction which we usually get only when we see a Photoshop or LightRoom-edited image.We love to use FotoJet for our future editing & graphic designing works.

We’d love to see a Mobile-optimised version of FotoJet soon & it will be nice to see them switching to HTML5 based editor as Flash is becoming less secure these days.

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