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Internet of Things (IoT):Smart home ecosystems made easy

IoT:Internet of things demystified & possiblities.

internet of things

IoT or Internet of Things is a network of household electronics connected to internet. It can be computers, smartphones, television, media players,lights, coolers, refrigerators, ovens & the list goes on…..


Each IoT device has a unique address (similar to IP) & with ability to transfer data to & fro the network.


It was Kevin Ashton,executive director of the Auto-ID Center at MIT, first mentioned the Internet of Things in a presentation he made to Procter & Gamble in 1999. Here’s how Ashton explains the potential of the Internet of Things:


Today computers — and, therefore, the Internet — are almost wholly dependent on human beings for information. Nearly all of the roughly 50 petabytes (a petabyte is 1,024 terabytes) of data available on the Internet were first captured and created by human beings by typing, pressing a record button, taking a digital picture or scanning a bar code.

The problem is, people have limited time, attention and accuracy — all of which means they are not very good at capturing data about things in the real world. If we had computers that knew everything there was to know about things — using data they gathered without any help from us — we would be able to track and count everything and greatly reduce waste, loss and cost. We would know when things needed replacing, repairing or recalling and whether they were fresh or past their best.


It was not so brilliant idea when it just started out. People didn’t care for controlling their household electronics via internet.


But today, with modern technologies like Li-Fi (Prof.Harald Hass, Edinburgh University) IoT is slowly gaining strength.


Bulbs can be used for lighting up Like Wi-Fi, Li-Fi is wireless and uses similar 802.11 protocols; but it uses visible light communication (instead of radio frequency waves), which has much wider bandwidth.the room & as Wireless Transmitter of data.


Although IoT is common these days, the first IoT device was a Coke machine at Carnegie Melon University in the early 1980s.


The programmers could connect to the machine over the Internet, check the status of the machine and determine whether or not there would be a cold drink awaiting them, should they decide to make the trip down to the machine.


IoT based companies are now being taken over by tech giants to expand their presence in the IoT dashboard. Just now, Microsoft announced that it has acquired Solair, an Italy-based IoT service.


Solair already used Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform to offer its services, so it’s no surprise that Microsoft plans to integrate its technology into the Azure IoT Suite.


And the Wikipedia link:Wikipedia 

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