Android O (Oreo) 8.0 rumours,expectations & leaked features

Android O 8.0 pre-release leaks,rumours & expectations


Android Nougat is now a bit old,its been a few months since its rollout.Nougat was finally named so after some tight competition from Nutella & Neyyappam.Google is back with its latest version,which is now codenamed as Android Oreo.As per reports the software giant is already working upon the new version & the leaks are popping out here & there.


Lets take a brief look at some of most hyped features that may be included in Android 8.0


android o rumours

Android O might feature new notification styles-leaks suggest.Though it’s not very clear,hints point to an iOS style notification badges for apps which when long pressed-associates with the corresponding app notification in statusbar.

Also rumoured is the integration of notifications with Google Assistant(which seems to be interesting),maybe Assistant can read out notifications,reply to Whatsapp Messages using interpreted voice etc.

P-I-P(Picture In Picture) Mode is also in the list of expected features which will surely make copy-paste functions simpler.(I remember MIUI introducing a drag & drop feature for text which could easily copied across screens).


Context Adaptable icons which change the preview according to change in time,change in scenarios will be arriving soon.I mean its a long overdue feature in stock Android.This was seen in Google Pixel,the calendar app instead of displaying a random number,showed the actual date of the day.


Android O will also improve battery life by freezing apps in the background,so that the user can resume from the last state once they wish to open the app-much like the hibernation mode in PCs.

Another cools feature will be Screen off Gestures where you draw on any screen to perform a predefined action-like opening app,dialing a frequently contacted person,opening camera & more.But of course, this feature mostly depends on the manufacturers to implement.

It will also ship with lots of MediaRecorder API improvements over the latter version.


As per source reports Google may unveil the Developer Preview for Android O at I/O 2017 Conference. 


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