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How to create a Wikipedia like website yourself

Creating your own Wikipedia style Blog/Website with these easy steps

how to create a wikipedia like website

Wikipedia is awesome.The world’s biggest online Encyclopedia is actually a wonder to the billions of people browsing the internet everyday.I’m sure that the hierarchy structure that Wikipedia maintains makes it easy for people to find what they’re looking for.You can create a website similar to Wikipedia in these easy steps.


All Wikipedia pages are posted & built on top of MediaWiki software.Its open-source,meaning that anyone can use it,modify & distribute it as they like.The only catch is that the content generated by Mediawiki should also adhere to Creative Commons ShareAlike license-ie:free to distribute & use.


Let’s now see how to setup a Wikipedia styled blog/website.There are various reasons to start a Wikipedia like website if you’re selling online documents,e-library websites & general encyclopedia(much like Wikipedia itself).Sites using Wiki like structure templates are more likely to gain DA faster than others,because the Markup supports all types of Rich Snippets & OpenGraph Integrations.


Even if the website can’t be rich in images or offer a good,down-to-earth UI,it’ll rank higher in Google Search due to faster page speeds.Say if you have a Wiki like Subdomain,it’ll soon rank higher than your root domin.That’s the power of Wiki Markup.


1.For WordPress Users:

WordPress is the best blogging platform & the best CMS ever introduced.If you’re uncomfortable using Mediawiki or any other software to power your own Wikipedia,here are some templates which will do the job.


1:WikiWP theme

When it comes to mimicking Wikipedia,this one’s our fav!The best part is that its free to download from WordPress repo.The theme has a very simple markup & contains Schema & Opengraph support for effortless SEO.The theme loads blazingly fast,thanks to the light weight code & lack of any heavy CSS or JS files.


2:MyWiki Theme

MyWiki is yet another free WP theme that can be used for your Wiki website.It’s mobile-friendly & supports AMP.The theme is based on Bootstrap framework.


3:TechDesk Theme

TechDesk is a very good WP theme for building Wiki & Knowledgebase pages.The template shows frequently searched articles in the home page & has a neat AJAX powered search option.It includes 5 widget areas & custom widgets.


4.KnowHow Theme

KnowHow is a very popular WordPress theme which can be bought from Envato.This theme has almost over 2000 sales since we wrote this article.You can change colors,preferences & much more to your liking.It also contains AJAX search which is very useful compared to WP search function.


2.Mediawiki software


Mediawiki is an opensource Wiki CMS which was built by WikiMedia foundation for managing Wikipedia.It is based on PHP & is the single largest Wiki CMS in the world.It is used by a large number of websites to organise content according to Wiki structure.

According to the support provided by your Hosting Provider,you could either do a 1-click install or manually download Mediawiki from this link. Then extract & upload the file contents to your web server.


Now Point your browser to the directory where MediaWiki was extracted and follow the link to the setup screen. It should be in the form


Replace directory with the path to your extracted MediaWiki folder.Access the above mentioned URL to configure your Mediawiki installation easily.

The main learning curve with MediaWiki is the special markup (Wikitext) that it uses to format a page. However, using Wikitext to author and add pages is very easy.

If you’re stuck at learning Wikipedia Markup, just see the following page to get started with the markup.See WikiMedia Help:Editing page.




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