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AdLatch: A new platform against ad-blockers!

AdLatch:The ad-block user engaging system!

Ad-blockers are very often the nightmare of a Blogger. They have written a lot of content & put a lot of effort to Host & publish the blog to the mainstream.


And the source of revenue is Advertisements.When users disable Ads using powerful AD blockers. But bloggers generally add codes that display messages like ‘Please consider disabling AD blockers’, the users normally don’t disable them because the ADs on the page can be quite frustrating.Instead,they move on to better websites because there’s no lack of content belonging to same genre.


But some websites adopt a different approach. Forbes, for instance doesn’t allow the user to view the website until AD-Blocker is disabled. Most of the users complain about it & finally, they stop visiting them. The bloggers are ultimately the losers.


However, a new service called AdLatch promises that visitors using AD blockers can be engaged using their technology which allows real time tracking & helps the bloggers convert visitors into subscribers to monetise later.

It enables bloggers to receive payment from generous visitors so that they could be served an AD-less version of website even without AD blockers.

How this product works & the ways in which it can benefit both the visitor & the blogger. You can visit them at AdLatch

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