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Spin Remote-controlling home appliances is fun!

Spin Remote Review-A smart universal remote with gesture control

Gone are days when you shuffle between remote controls-one for your TV,another for your audio system,and oh-don’t forget that Air conditioner remote & smart light controls.This is Spin Remote, that smartest universal remote control for your home.


You don’t need another remote with this intuitive piece of gadget.The Spin Remote replaces your traditional remotes by learning commands-yes that’s right! It can learn commands from your remote controls & use it to control more home appliances.


It also supports Sonos Speakers & Philips Hue smart lighting system.The Seven colour LEDs make it look beautiful.spin remote

Spin Remote is the brainchild of three entrepreneurs-Ruud de Vaal,Arjan de Bremen & Mathijs Vaessen.

The Spin Remote has an app to control it & feed new commands for new appliances.The app can have multiple profiles & each room can have its own profiles-When you enter living room,you can just select Living room profile to control your preconfigured devices just by twisting the Spin remote,swiping etc.


It has a 360 degree IR controller, meaning that you don’t need to point the remote to any device to control it.As long as thespin remotere’s no direct obstruction in the path,the spin remote works fine.It can control devices like speakers & smart TVs via Bluetooth & WiFi as well. For this the app is required.The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold.


The Spin Remote gets its power from the two AA batteries which can be inserted by turning the top cover & removing it.It’s highly energy efficient & can work for a month without changing batteries.

The device has already bagged the best product awards from European Imaging & Sound Association & UX Design awards 2015 for the unique & user-friendly design of the product.


The best part of spin remote is that it manages to combine the traditional infrared controller & smart device control into one & the different working of gestures when it’s placed in different locations.


Rotating the dial of Spin remote placed in a table & rotating it in air aren’t the same-they execute different commands.Say,you can configure it to change volume of TV when its rotated on a table, & change volume of your sound system when its in air, or vice-versa.

spin remote
What’s inside the Spin Remote

As of now,we love the concept of having a single,smart remote that doesn’t really need the pressing of buttons to control our home devices.We had already requested the devs to provide us with a review unit,and if they does, we’ll do a hands-on review on this awesome remote.

Buy the Spin Remote from Store.

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