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Why should you switch from Web To Mobile Development?

Switching to Mobile development is now the priority-mainly due to the surge in traffic from smartphones


Mobile traffic overtook the web one in 2015. The penetration of smartphone is rising at a spectacular rate. Smart devices are now the order of the thing. Brands now love to target people carrying hand-held device.


In all this, you get the drift : mobile apps are everywhere.
Users like these apps a lot as they bring ease and convenience to accessing and finding things. Even developers understand the benefits associated with taking the switch from web to mobile development. So, start giving more time to mobile development and keep pace with the time. 


So, if you’re a developer and still stuck with web development, you’re then missing out on something very valuable. Try your hand at mobile development and see the difference.

Here are reasons for switching from web to mobile development –


Mobile devices are rising in usages

Yes, mobile devices are rising in usages and popularity, and this growth is phenomenal. Everyone seems to have a smartphone these days and in this lies the prospects for future. In some developed countries, the level of smartphone usages has even crossed the coveted mark of 95% which shows how much value they have. 

Mobile developers are demanded more

Brands or businesses now understand the value mobile devices bring to them. Mobile development is now the need of the hour as it gives enterprises an opportunity to reach their audience and target them easily.


Clearly, your skill sets in regard to mobile development enjoy great demand in the market as the world is gradually switching from web to mobile.


Mobile developers earn more

Web development comes with a lot of DIY options and this is the reason why scope of showcasing talent and ability is next to minimal. The same however is not true with mobile development as there custom solutions have to be built. This is where mobile developers earn more as they get to work out customized development.


Leverage your web development skills

Mobile development utilizes some of technologies that are key in the web domain. Be it HTML, JavaScript or CSS, even mobile development taps into your existing knowledge. Which means, you needn’t learn a lot of things in order to take up projects in the web development.

Possibilities are endless with mobile apps

Mobile apps tend to be smart and they come with lots of possibilities. Since smartphones are now so much part of our everyday existence, there is always an opportunity to make a difference to the world in a visible way.

Mobile developers can come up with interesting personalized feature and leverage location, direction etc. of the user.


Sell your apps

No more staying content with the app development itself. You can go ahead and sell your apps and make money. You can submit your apps in stores, let it get downloaded more and thus, in the process, earn a lot of money.

In overall, switching from web to mobile development comes with a lot of benefits and you should surely not miss on them for sure.


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