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8 Celebrity voices behind the world known companies

Voice artist or voice over recording is an art that involves one doing voice-overs to provide information to an audience or user. Voice over recording has gone from procuring average persons and taken it to the next level by involving celebrity artists to do their adverts. Voice over recording does not only give voice artists a platform to market themselves but also to generate more consumers for the given product.  Here is a list of voice over services gone platinum:



  1. John Ham


His cuteness is a complete sell off upon sight. When this charming lad tells you to board American Airlines, you will take your whole community with you. He makes flying seem like a relaxed experience with no hiccups, and everything is just rainbows and unicorns above the cloud.



  1. Elijah Wood


He always comes up once you mention ‘The Lord of the Rings. Championing his famous role as Frodo in multiple video game versions of the movie. The actor also voiced a purple dragon in The Legend of Spyro trilogy.


  1. Chris Pine

I don’t know if it’s his driving skills that want us to get into that BMW with him or his voice describing the car. But whichever it is, I want a BMW NOW. This voice over service is said to be one of the most expensive ever done.


  1. John Cusack


You can recognize his voice from a mile over. He has done most if not all of the Chevrolet’s adverts. He does such a good job that he is still in the running. From the Malibu to the trucks. And we can’t help but want them all including Cusack himself. Hi voice over service is so extensive, you might think it’s his own company.


  1. Jon Benjamin


I mean who doesn’t know this fella’s husky voice? He can convince you to sell your heart for a bottle of 300ml soda and you will. His voice is so flexible and convincing, especially in Coke Zero.


  1. Jeff Bridges


He managed to convince the whole world that the long lasting batteries they are using are not that long lasting. He was so good in this voice over that nobody thought twice about it. I still use Duracell batteries to date. I have to say; they are long-lasting. Well, I think.


  1. Morgan Freeman


Remember Bruce Almighty? Or Evan Almighty? Now picture it without Freeman playing God. It would suck! His warm sultry voice that puts everything in a righteous path is so moving and comforting; he must be the god of voice overs. He is so good that he was contracted to do the Summer Olympics for Beijing. He is the ultimate voice artist.


  1. Tim Allen


His voice overs are so good that he landed on a magazine. Forbes ranked Tim Allen 6th out of the top ten travel campaigns. I know voice overs are usually meant for the television, radio, and podcasts and so on, but if you end up on a magazine, you have made it my son. He will take you for a hike in the mountains, canoeing in the rivers below, fishing and later end up somewhere in Iceland. He is the one to make you open that travel magazine at the bottom of the shelf.



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