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Best Portable Solar laptop chargers while you are in Remote Area

Portable Power is a must have while travelling, just in case your phone runs out of juice.

You wish to travel more but not sure if you can survive without your gadgets? Well, technology has a fix for that too! The solar panel charging systems have been available for quite some time now and are a perfect solution to gear up your laptops while you are in a remote area.

portable solar chargers

Solar portable chargers provide a quick solution and are a great source of power that can also help you extend your laptop’s battery life with the renewable clean energy.


What do you need to know before you begin the search?

There are different types of solar laptop chargers available; some are more focused on converting a large amount of energy and some focus on less conversion but more storage. This kind of freedom from the utilities helps us spend more time off the grid. It is also very important for you to make sure that your laptop is compatible with the device and can sustain the voltage level. You can check for information on your laptop’s power pack.


  • Output power

portable solar chargers

Solar laptop chargers come with different power outputs, most devices come with standard USB connector. There are also some that come with an adaptor that can be connected to a USB for a working connection. You should also be aware of the optimum charging speed as it varies highly from product to product.


  • Storage

Most of the products offer a panel and output where you can charge on the go but have a limited storage capacity. There are various small solar chargers that are capable of charging small devices like phones and GPS devices but come and come with light storage. However, they are not compatible for charging heavy devices like laptops and tablets. The advanced tech in some solar panels makes it possible to store the energy as it charges that can be used later in time as the sun goes down.


  • Charging time

A higher number of panels and larger size panels will collect more sunlight, but since they are portable chargers that should not take a huge amount of space and be as heavy as the installed versions. They must be concise and easily stored. Since you would be using these panel chargers while on hiking or traveling to remote areas, quick charging time is a necessity. 


  • Type of panel

If you don’t mind your device charging for a long time, you can consider lower voltage panels, but if you are in hurry and are a heavy user you will want to charge your laptop quicker in which case a higher voltage supplying panel is suitable for you.


portable solar chargers


  • Additional features

Some portable chargers also come with various additional features that provide a better-customized efficiency. Some come with pouches to store your devices or LED lights for night time and emergencies. Additional accessories also include the range of compatible adapter for different devices.

Some solar panels have a distinctive output and additional adapters come along with the product for better connectivity to different phones or laptops. 

These 5 factors are essential to understanding and consider before you make a purchase decision, or else you might end up left stranded without a power source when you next go on a trip. After well thought out consideration of your requirement, now let’s look at the best solar portable charges that you can use when on a trip to remote areas to charge your laptop.


  1. Renogy 14W E-Flex

portable solar chargersThis solar charger comes with 4 foldable panels that gather energy from the sun. You can lay it out flat on any surface. The panels deliver a 3.5 Watts of chargeable power for your laptop each with 4 panels will provide you a total charge of 14 watts.The device has a USB port for connectivity, but there are no storage batteries that come with the panel.


You can connect your own portable battery to store power.  The unit is up to seven inches and weighs less than 1kg making it very easy to be carried anywhere along with you.You can also hang it on your bag when you are traveling since there are loops available to the panels. 


The solar charger has an adequate charging speed despite no internal battery connected. With easy storage and a lightweight carrying case, Renogy 14W E-Flex can be bought at reasonable prices online.


  1. EasyAcc 28W Solar Charger 4-Port USB

portable solar chargersThe most efficient and high powered solar charger of this list is Easy Acc with 28 watts. Its design features advanced tech for solar panel’s efficiency as compared to traditional panels. The solar charger outputs only the amount of charge required by your laptop and charges on required base if you leave it connected. This ensures there is no damage to your laptop’s battery and does not degrade its life span. It is compatible with windows iOS and android devices.

The design shortens the charging time by half and improves efficiency without affecting the performance of either device.There is a multi connective port where you can connect 4 devices simultaneously.


  1. ECEEN® 13W

portable solar chargers

This model captures more sunlight than traditional panels, all thanks to its efficient design which generated more electricity despite its small panel size. The device only provides 13 watts which are lesser as compared to other devices listed here. But it delivers most energy for the smallest solar pack.


The panels have a stand that can help you adjust to the best sunlight coverage and charge with the USB port available. There is no internal storage space which means you will have to charge your laptop in the sun.ECEEN has an efficiency of 22% and the compact design is easy to keep track of and can be used anywhere even on coffee tables.


  1. Nekteck 20W

portable solar chargersNektech is a durable solar charger with a dual port system that charges up to 20 Watts. It can efficiently convert at a rate of 21 to 24%. The product is cheaper than others but does not look nor does it work like one. The solar charger has a Smart IC chip that enables fast charging without heating your devices or compromising their long-term performance.


The portable device weighs about only 16 oz and folds to a smaller size for easy transportation. The simple easy to use design can be attached to your bag on the go and left to be charged hands-free. In addition, it comes with a micro USB cable and a 12-month warranty. The rugged canvas covers and protects the components usage for all travels.



portable solar chargersTravelers and individuals that live in a remote area can only rely on renewable sources and systems that can convert solar energy efficiently to charge any devices regularly.


X Dragon features a system capable of generating 20 Watts and works on a higher efficacy than other sun-powered chargers. The smart tech uses I solar technology and can adjust the current and voltage according to the device needs that you are charging. The panels used are 25% more efficient at than other current models.

This model is easily foldable for easy transportation and has a slim and portable design along with two USB ports that can allow you to charge you multiple devices at once. The smart device allows you to charge different devices without compromising its performance and quality.


These solar chargers are easily available online on various sites which can provide it to you at a  cheaper rate with discounts, but buying it from a well know  reasonable source any paying a few bucks extra is always better than receiving a bad/broken product which might not be refunded or replaced.

These devices will keep improving every year and new technology will keep increasing the efficiency of all solar panel portable chargers. The tech might even make heavy storage possible without affecting the portability. But for now the best devices in the list no matter where you are traveling or for how long are the X-Dragon 20 watts and the EasyAcc 28 Watts with 4 ports.


Both the chargers use high technology and are highly efficient with better usage and connectivity. For a long trip off the grid and a sustainable living even when home, you can use these panels every day for charging your laptops, tablets, phones and other devices.


Have you tried any of these chargers before? Which one of these do you think is best suitable for your needs? Do you have a better solution than solar chargers that you have tried out? Let us know below in the comments section.

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