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Safe Internet for Kids- A Dream Comes True

The safe internet has become a myth in the fast-evolving digital world of today. The very fact that every second something new is cropping up on the internet itself is giving parents extreme anxiety.



However, with the help of monitoring applications like TheOneSpy, parents have started to trust their kid’s digital existence with more clarity and fewer emotions. Now we can with some clarity believe that there is a ray of hope when it comes to internet safety. Here are some of the ways the internet has become safe for kids; a dream comes true.



Tapping their Emails

With monitoring application, you don’t have to worry about who they send their emails to, get them from and what they are discussing. Some monitoring applications also allow their users to place filters on spam emails hence protecting their children from any adult content or viruses which regularly travel the internet and inhabit their harboring computers or other gadgets.



Email tapping also allows parents to understand the correspondence that takes place between their kid and others which itself helps tap into the kid’s recent likes, dislikes, and overall interests. At least the internet has become slightly safer for kids this way.



Tracking social media activity

Social media is one of the most disturbing aspects of the internet for parents. Today everything literally takes place over social media websites, from chatting to surfing and merely connecting. Parents worry that their kids may get involved with the wrong company and therefore are very skeptical about their kids’ social media usage.



However, avoiding social media is inevitable. Kids’ will use social media, and the only way parents can monitor their usage is through two ways:

1.Have an open conversation with your children about the do’s and don’ts of social media usage and make sure you discuss it with them in great depth and detail. Research shows that discussing social media usage with kids allows parents to get closer to understanding their kid’s digital lives along with their likes and dislikes.

2.Installing monitoring applications on their gadgets as a backup to keep an even more intricate eye on your kids. Basically with the help of monitoring applications you can now have eyes on everything from privacy controls to media uploads and complete contact lists.



Be aware of who they are in contact with


With the help of monitoring applications, you can now have a complete list of who your kid is in contact with and who contact them. There have been many cases where kids have been victims of sexual predators online and to avoid such a tragedy from ever occurring it is extremely important that parents understand who their kids are talking to regularly or are getting approached by.



Threats to look out include:

1.Sexual predators
2.Abductors and other criminals
3.Drug cartels and mafias
4.People looking to sell cheap alcohol
5.Cyberbullying which includes body  shaming.



Using filters to limit search engines

The internet is a vast library which can be used to your benefit or misused as well. However, many times children are unaware of the threats that come with search engine usage. Technically  the search engine itself is unaware of whom and of what age is using them which makes it quite literally impossible for it to track on its own what to display and what not to.



However, with the help of tracking applications, you don’t have to worry about any adult content websites opening up without dire supervision.


Monitoring applications allow you to place filter which could either be in the form of just words or even complete sentences. These filters them work as a barrier and inhibit any problematic websites from opening up. They are also helpful when it comes to blocking unwanted advertisements and pop-up windows which have a habit of creeping up on us and uncertain times.




Whether you are a working parent or a stay home mom or dad, in either case, scenario, using monitoring applications will only prove helpful to you in the long run. With the help of this smart technology you now don’t have to worry about your kids’ digital safety as these monitoring applications work just like a nanny; maybe even more effectively. Safe internet for kids has finally become a dream come true with the help of spying applications.



Author Bio:

Aline Carrara a blogger by profession, an author significantly contributes towards mobile security and digital parenting, working as an editor at TheOneSpy blog. If you want to know more about her you can follow her on Twitter @AlineCarrara7


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