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Import MBOX File to Outlook 2016 Mac

Learn the Various Ways to Import MBOX to Outlook 2016


Microsoft features a new range of product or update for an existing one on a frequent basis. Lately, it came forward with the latest release of one of its extensively used products, i.e. Microsoft Outlook.

The release that came out was Outlook 2016, which was available in two variants, i.e. for Windows and for Mac. Users of the Mac based variant constantly post queries on how to import MBOX to Outlook 2016. Now, that might be puzzling to a few because Outlook for Mac is programmed to generate an OLM file while Outlook for Windows generates a PST, then from where does the MBOX come.

The answer to this lies in the following blog along with the answer to the recently cropping up user query, i.e. about opening MBOX in Outlook. Read on, to know more about the recent issue and how can you resolve it.

The Association of MBOX with Outlook 2016


The release of two variants for Outlook 2016 version has turned out to be a boon for users of both, Windows and Mac OS. The client has emerged with a number of brand new features boasting new functionalities and changes that weren’t there before. One of these changes is that an MBOX file is now associated with Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Read on to know how:

When you select a mailbox in Outlook 2016 (Mac) profile, drag and drop it on to any folder path, then the file that is created here is of MBOX format.

Yes, Outlook 2016 for Mac has adapted the option of generating an MBOX file for each mailbox when exporting by manual means.

Import UNIX Mail File into Outlook 2016 (Mac)


You now know that an MBOX file, which is a UNIX based mail file, is generated on dragging and dropping a mail folder from Outlook 2016 (Mac). This must make you feel that an application that creates MBOX, would obviously support it back for import too, right?


Outlook 2016 for Mac does support creating MBOX file for a mail folder but doesn’t take it back by any direct means.

The Problem: A number of users generated MBOX for their mail folders and deleted the respective storage from their account. This was done in consideration of the supposed fact that when the application supports exporting a mailbox as MBOX, it will import it back too. Thus, this led a mass number of users to lose their mailbox in the process.

Workarounds to Import MBOX to Outlook


No matter, whether the Outlook client you are using is Mac or Windows based, you cannot import an MBOX by any direct means. In order to open MBOX file in Outlook 2010 or 2016, you will need to implement either workarounds or commercial solutions.

Therefore, the following segment is focused on explaining what workarounds are applicable in order to import MBOX to Outlook account.

The Manual Approach: In order to perform the transfer of data manually, you are required to do a series of procedure, as there is no direct method of carrying out the data transfer:

  1. Import MBOX in Apple Mail: Apple Mail supports the direct import of MBOX format mailboxes. Therefore, you can simply go to the File menu and choose ‘Import Mailboxes…’ option. On the Import window, select the ‘Files in mbox format’ option and continue as instructed to import MBOX to Outlook.

  1. Export Mail to Outlook 2011:

  1. Import Outlook 2011 to 2016: Once you have performed the above stated methods, you are on the final step to import MBOX to Outlook 2016. The latter supports importing data from Outlook 2011 both in the form of an OLM file or the complete profile. You can go to the Import wizard on Outlook 2016 and choose accordingly whether you want to import:

Outlook 2011 data on this computer

Import MBOX File to Outlook 2016 Mac

Or, ‘Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm)

Import MBOX File to Outlook 2016 Mac

Alternative Application: The manual workaround discussed above makes the procedure a lot lengthier. You need to first import the mailbox on Apple Mail and then using Outlook 2011 as a mediator transfer data from Mac mail MBOX to Outlook 2016.

In order to carry out the conversion in a more convenient manner, it is recommended that users go for third party applications instead. Using a third party tool just requires you to migrate MBOX to Outlook PST or OLM format to make it usable on the respective platform. This is all possible without investing much of your time or efforts as software applications are automated.

MBOX to PST Converter: If you are unable to decide, which software is best for the purpose, you can get going with MBOX Converter application. With this application, all you have to do is specify MBOX file folder path and destination path for storing the conversion output.

NOTE: Converting in Outlook PST format is recommended over OLM file because, this way you cannot only move MBOX file to Outlook 2016. In fact, you can also import MBOX to Outlook 2013.

Moreover, PST files are importable into Outlook 2016 for Mac as well as for Windows.

  1. The software is capable of converting MBOX to Outlook PST. The output PST file can be saved at a location of your preference and is created in Unicode type formatting which makes it suitable for all latest version of Outlook.

  2. Processing can be done on more than just one MBOX file by using the folder selection mode. You can convert multiple MBOX files by individual selection or convert them in bulk via folder selection.

  3. Mailbox files that may not be in a stable form too are convertible with the software. You can open and process the files on the software and it further recovers them for a successful conversion, if required.

  4. Customize data conversion is possible with the software. You can create an individual PST file for each MBOX file selected for conversion. This makes the conversion output more manageable and organized.

  5. A freeware trial version of the software is offered for testing the product before investment. Licensed purchase can be made once you have thoroughly tested the software functioning and features.


Final Word

There are various options in the form of workarounds and software programs to execute a procedure. However, the trouble is choosing what best suits your requirements and situation currently.

In order to import MBOX to Outlook 2016 without facing inconvenience of lengthy procedures and risk of data loss, you must go for third party applications that can easily migrate MBOX to Outlook 2016. MBOX Converter is a likely choice to be made in such a requirement considering the number of qualitative and suitable features it offers.

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