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Udoq:The universal smartphone docking station for all devices!

Udoq-The smartest docking station for all devices: Kickstarter product.


Udoq is the first universal docking station patented worldwide for mobile devices of any brand or generation. No more cable clutters,charging problems while using multiple devices-charge them all!



They plan to unify all mobile device manufacturers with one universal docking station.It supports a wide variety of charge connectors to use with your favourite smartphones.



The bottleneck between mobile devices, desktop computers and charging stations is the charger cable.
Each year, higher performance cables and plug connections are being developed in order to meet the continually growing power requirements of mobile devices. In addition to the considerable number of independent solutions offered by individual manufacturers and various USB standards, in recent years the micro-USB port and the Apple Lightning connector have established themselves.



Udoq not only makes micro-USB and Apple Lightning connections available, but it also provides for Apple’s older 30-pin- and the new USB-C charger plug. Regardless of the solution that the EU will require as of 2017 to harmonize charger plugs, udoq is compatible with all old and new charger plugs and will even adapt to technologies that are not known as of today.



Lets quickly go through the features:


1: Completely customisable.


The user can customize his own Udoq simply and 100% individually with exchangeable Udoq charger cables. Depending on the number and size of the mobile device, any of a variety of desired charger cables can be imported into the rail.  Additionally, different Udoq rail lengths are available. The user can set-up his Udoq individually by using the configurator on the Udoq website. 



2:All devices are 100% operable.


Udoq makes it possible for the user to clearly see and operate all mobile devices without limitations. The linear, vertical line-up of the mobile devices makes it possible to use all mobile devices 100% while charging – in contrast to the usual charging stations.



It’s far more than a mere charging station – it is a universal, multifunctional docking station. Cell phones, tablets, music players or e-readers can therefore be used as a music terminal, television, picture frame or to control household technology. 



3:Limitless range of uses-At home, in the office, at the hotel.


The Udoq range of uses is just about limitless. udoq can help organize mobile devices anywhere they are used: At home in the entrance way, in the living room, in the kitchen and even in the bedroom. Offices are perfectly suited for using the udoq. A udoq docking station in a hotel room will provide the ultimate luxury in the future.



4:Udoq will be available precustomized in four lengths.


As of October 2016 udoq will be available in 250 mm, 400 mm, 550 mm and 700 mm lengths at the online shop and in retail stores. Nearly all mobile devices fit the pre-customized, complete udoqs.


udoq is available as a plug & play product: The four most common charging plugs (Apple Lightning, Apple 30-pin, micro-USB and USB-C) are already inserted in the udoq rail. The type and number of charging plugs can be expanded as desired.


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