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Five Features Exclusive to Google Pixel Users

Google released its own phone a few days ago and we can’t stop talking about it. Everything from its intelligent interface to a stellar design has consumers eager to get their hands on it. What else is in store for anyone who plans to own the phone or is planning to make it a part of his/her wish list? Google Pixel contains features that users won’t get on any other phone. Here are some Pixel exclusive features you should know about –  

1 – Pixel Launcher


Remember the Nexus Launcher? Well, the home screen has now become the Pixel Launcher and is only available on Pixel and Pixel XL. Google has announced that the home screen will only be used on its new phone, at least for now. 

How is this good thing? With it, your Pixel phone will be the only smartphone to feature round icons. The launcher also comes with a new Google search “pill” widget and a revamped app drawer which you can open by swiping up the favorite tray at the bottom of the screen upwards.


2 – Smart Storage


What is better than making backups of the scores of images and videos you took from your smartphone? Not having to manage those backups yourself. Pixel’s Smart Storage feature backs all your files on the cloud automatically when your phone starts running out of storage space. 


3 – Unlimited Storage Forever


Unlimited backups for its phones. That is what Google is offering with Pixel and for free. Now you can have high resolution videos and images stored up with no limit and at full resolution.


4 – Google Assistant


Pixel is the only Google phone that has Google Assistant built into its Allo app. With this phone, you get a preview version of Assistant which will be available on other phones as they are made available. The best part? You can also summon the feature in chat sessions on Allo and ask it a question without having to close the app. 
What else? The voice activated search engine was created with AI technology which means that it learns and remembers what it learns so you keep interacting with it. The more you use it, the better it becomes in predicting your likes and dislikes.


Hungering for Italian food? Tell Assistant and it will come up with a list of Italian restaurants near you. It will also remember your choices for later too. It’s a pretty neat new feature that other phones have still to emulate as effectively. 


5 – Around the Clock Customer Support


We can all agree that dealing with customer support is one of the worst aspects of owning a smartphone. Google took this into consideration and offers Pixel users the service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Most users will be new to the phone’s voice and text functionalities so this perk comes as a welcome relief. 
These five features will make any Pixel user stand out from users who use other smartphones. 


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Colin Hanks is an iPhone apps developer in a software development agency. He wrote many articles on latest technology subjects. He like to research on new and latest development in technology. Freshly, he is researching on the quality work of top iPhone application development services in USA.

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