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5 Tech Tips You Need To Know If You’re In A Service Startup

Credit:Talent International

It takes a lot to build a startup, so here are some tips you shouldn’t do without.


The service industry is one that is growing steadily. The busy schedules of millennials entering the workforce means there is an increasing demand for all sorts of services, which also means more and more competitors for companies already in the industry.


Being in a service startup, how do you make sure that your company stays competitive in the industry and most importantly, relevant to customers?



1. Update your UX on a regular basis.


Credit:Talent International
Credit:Talent International

Useful services aren’t the only things that attract customers to your platform – the UX design also determines the success of your business. Being in the service industry means that you always have to understand your customers’ behaviour and anticipate their next move.




For example: should there be pop-up notification on the homepage after they’ve placed their order? Should the call-to-action be in red or yellow?




2. Add a chat box widget to your website.


Credits:Dzine Watch
Credits:Dzine Watch

In the service industry, customer is king. You should make it easy for customers to contact you in case they require your assistance. A chatbox widget for enquiries and feedback creates the image of your company being approachable.


Customer feedback is also important for every company. It’s important for them to know that you are actually listening to what they have to say, and certain feedback could prove extremely useful for your company’s growth. These are constructive criticisms that will help you serve your customers better.



3. Set up a secure connection.


Credits:Sigma Corporation
Credits:Sigma Corporation

Whether it’s for transactional purposes or the simple registration and login actions, your website should always use a secure internet connection.


Even the biggest tech giants are not safe from cyber crimes – Yahoo was recently sued for gross negligence over the 2014 hacking incident. Your customers will not be happy if their personal information gets leaked. Remember the Ashley Madison data breach in 2015?




4. Include a one-click registration system.



People are lazy most of the time. When they’re not lazy, they probably have 101 things to do and filling up the detailed registration form on your website isn’t one of them.


Besides the usual registration form, create a one-click registration system that allows customers to register using their social media accounts. It’s simple and fast, which is what most customers would appreciate.




5. Enlist Yourself On An Online Service Marketplace.


Credits:The Asian Entrepreneur
Credits:The Asian Entrepreneur

Online services marketplaces are fantastic platforms to market yourself and grow your business. A good one to explore would be Kaodim, as it equips you with your own service provider page so potential customers can view your profile, study your portfolio and read any reviews from previous customers while garnering you service requests. This increases your brand presence, which helps with online exposure and SEO ratings. On top of that, you’ll achieve your ROI much quicker compared to waiting for your website to get good online exposure.



Whether you’re currently starting a startup or working in a startup, don’t stop learning. Learn from your mistakes, learn from your competitors and learn from customers’ feedbacks. If you want to experience a growth in your business strategy and performance, don’t be afraid to try new things.


Guest author:


Esther Chung is a writer at, a leading services marketplace in Southeast Asia that bridges the gap between service professionals and consumers.

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