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MS Paint is now 3D drawing enabled:The biggest overhaul to built-in software in Windows!

MS Paint-The drawing & painting software built-into Windows is slated to get a 3D bump soon.


We know MS Paint,don’t we? The drawing tool which was launched back in 1985 with the first Windows OS was till now moving on with small incremental changes.The original MS Paint supported only B&W drawings-with the launch of newer Windows versions,colored lines,sketch,highlighter pen etc. came along.



But MS Paint was forgotten gradually.The limited features & lack of user friendliness caused users to switch to other drawing apps(Fresh Paint for Windows is preferred by me). It was obvious that Paint was losing out on features & richness.


ms paint


A video footage shows that Microsoft is already working to develop a newer version of MS Paint with ability to paint 3D looking objects,adding some depth & varying light angle to make feel like 3D. The new Paint also features stickers & shapes & basic image editing capabilities.



‘The Paint you know and love is still there but we’ve also added something amazing.’

Paint Preview users will be able to create 3D objects, annotate them freely on the screen and all the tools look to be pen and touch-friendly. The footage also construction of 3D shapes,Markers etc, giving us the impression that Paint will be doubling upo as a photo editor.

In yet another video,Artist Paul Kercal shows off the new features of MS Paint.He demonstrates how he convert a 2D object to 3D using Make 3D feature.

He creates a 3D bouquet of flowers inside a vase in just a few minutes.

Kercal begins by drawing 2D flowers with a pixel pencil on the screen and by using ‘Smart Select’ and clicking ‘Make Object’, he transforms the design into 3D models.



‘Because it’s a 3D object, I can move it into and out of the scene that I’m going to be working on.’ he says.



Users will also have the ability to access the community to discuss a specific project, import and export of 3D models and share images with other creatives within the program, reports say.



The MS Paint Preview is expected to launch on Oct 26th along with Surface Tablet new edition.

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