Five Trending Android apps you should try out on your smartphone!

The top 5 trending apps in Google Play store which are a must try…



1. Anchor-Radio by the People.


Anchor is an app which I believe is inspired by Ham Radio services.The app allows users to record their voice.

five trending android apps& broadcast themselves on air. Anyone who hears their voice can instantly reply back,creating a conversation.



The listening & recording voice is so simple.Hold the phone to your ear & talk/listen. Your voice will be recorded & broadcasted. Anyone can reply to you by speaking out the reply. 



The app allows you to select mode of listening: Via speaker or earpiece of the phone. Once you like a broadcast, you can echo them(similar to retweets).



2.Navbar Apps.


five trending android apps

Tired seeing the black/white navigation bar? Want to add some color & style to it? Try Navbar Apps.This little app allows you to change settings of your navigation bar & add custom colors,textures & stickers to it.



You can also add battery level indicator to it.All these could be achieved without Rooting the device. You can also configure the app to auto-detect the color scheme of the running app & apply ame color to navbar.



3.Shazam Lite.


five trending android apps


Shazam is definitely not a newcomer.The world’s most preferred song recognition app has launched a Lite version requiring lesser data & can work in slower 2G connections also.



The lite version is just a 700KB download, but it can recognise the music offline when database is upto date.



Music recognition worked fine with displayed lyrics too.Hence Shazam Lite is a must download.



4.Night Owl-Screen Dimmer.


five trending android apps


Night Owl is a screen dimming app for use at Night time. We all know that using smartphones in low-lit conditions & at night is not recommended for eyes.Night Owl tries to make us safe by offering to dim the backlight of our phone. 



It also has an option to filter out blue light from display which is notorious for interfering with user’s sleep. You can schedule a time when it powers on & off.



5.Dcoder-Mobile IDE.


five trending android apps

If you love programing & you wish if you could write & compile code on your smartphones, don’t wait.Download Dcoder App.It compiles the typed code from their cloud server & displays output on screen).




It also supports custom themes,& editable font size in drawer.You can customise menu items also.



It supports wide variety of programming languages like C,C++,Python,Java etc.



What do you think?

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