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Refuel the gas tank without going to the gas station

With the advancement of the technology, many changes have happened in many industries, but the mode of filling gas is the same old practice that was followed one hundred years before. Now with the increase of the sharing economy, there are many companies that offer on demand gasoline service that comes directly to the customers place to fill the tank.


Fuel on demand

The on demand gasoline service is a convenient service and there are many investors ready to invest in this service.


Filld – Never stop for gas again


This is a gas on demand Service Company that fills the customer’s vehicle with fuel, where the customer need not go to the gas station instead the fuel directly comes to the customer’s place. To get this service, the customer has to download the app and add the required details about their vehicles at the app including the address. The customer must specify the time, so that the fuel truck reaches the place on time and the payments are made online.


The company started their service in the Silicon Valley in the Redwood City, Palo Alto and the Menlo Park. The company planned to launch its service in San Francisco, but the Fire department does not allow the service because they feel that it is unsafe and that their fire code does not allow these services. Any delivery truck that goes for the on demand service has three hundred and thirty four gallons of fuel, 2 fire extinguishers, a gas pump, 2 orange traffic cones, a bucket of chalk powder to dust on the spills along with a receipt printer.


Around 180 sq miles, the company has thousands of customers in the bay area. The service is popular among the parents those who drive the minivan. The drivers who are driving the gasoline truck are trained drivers who have the class C commercial license, hazmat certification and transportation security administration (TSA). And as a safety measure the company follows the rules that are put forth by the federal, local and state to ensure a safe transport of fuel.


Yoshi – Never go to another gas station


The on demand fuel service provided by this company makes it easy for the customers to fill the fuel when they are on a busy schedule and are unable to go to the gas station. The main aspect is that the customers need not be empty handed, instead they can fill the required gallons of gas because the company takes care of the services.


On an average, a commuter spends over ten years at the fuel station to fuel their vehicle, thus the time spend at the gas station can be utilized in a qualitative purpose because the on demand gasoline service automatically refuels the vehicle each week. The customers need not pay extra penny other than the cost of the fuel. In general, the cost of refueling is lesser than the other services, but if they customer pay fifteen dollars and become a member of the company, then they can get more benefits for each of the refueling process.


The best part about this company is that they respect the customers and their vehicle and offers a secure and safe service to the customers. Around one billion gallons of fuel is wasted each year just to go and refuel the vehicle at the gas station and often the underground tank leaks, but this is eliminated by the on demand gas service that restricts the extra stop to the pumps. This app is available for both the Apple and Android platform.


Booster Fuels – Gas delivered while you work


When the customers are busy at their work and are unable to go to the gas station to refuel their vehicle, they need not worry because Booster will provide all the necessary services just at the click of the button. The customers who wish to refuel can download the on demand gas filling app and fill the details about the vehicle, the location of the vehicle and the time slot so that the services is provided on time.


The company has partnered with many corporate companies and offers the best services to the employees at the lowest possible price. The fuels are bought in wholesale, so they often match the price of the fuel at the local gas station or are lesser than that. They offer multiple fuel grades, thus they provide both the premium and regular high quality unleaded fuel at fair rates. The customers can book a schedule so that the on demand gas filling company refuels the vehicle so that the customer’s time is saved. The drivers working under the company are, the more trained and trusted drivers who are eager to provide the best service to the customers.


This company provides an exclusive service for the corporate customers under their corporate program. Through this program the employees can enjoy the free benefit that includes an onsite service that is designed for the administrative burden. The size of the company is not considered, hence all that corporate companies can benefit through this program.

Some of the benefits that are offered to the employees are:


  • Supports the physically disabled employees by eliminating their least interesting errands.


  • Good quality fuel offered at the lowest price.


  • Protects the employees from the list of 120,000 thefts and crimes that take place at the gas station.


  • Reduces the emission of carbon dioxide emission and saves the fuel.


  • The time spent at the gas station is eliminated and almost 30 minutes to one hour every month is saved by the on demand gasoline service.


WeFuel – Gas unstationed


This on demand gas service is available in the Menlo Park, Los Altos, Mountain View and Palo Alto. The customers can request for the on demand fuel service using the website or the mobile app and the hazmat certified professional driver comes in a truck and pops open gas tank and fills it with either the premium or regular unleaded gas. Before beginning the fueling process, the driver plops a red fire extinguisher on the road for safety.


If the gas tank door is open, the necessity of the vehicle owner is not required. The rate of the fueling per fill up costs $7.49 and the rate of a gallon is approximately equal to $3.11 and this is priced based on the zip codes with the help of the data source from GasBuddy. For $19.99per month they also provide monthly service subscription for unlimited refills that includes the price of the gas.


With the help of this service many people are able to have a hassle free life of refueling the gas. The customers can be anywhere, either at work or home or at the movies or at the mall, the on demand service provides the service at the scheduled time.


Purple – Skip the gas station


Whether you are at home or office or busy with other schedules, you can simply reach out to Purple. The on demand fuel service offered by Purple can be the best option to stay away from the long waiting time at the gas station. This can be done by downloading the app and filling the required details in the app like the time slot, the type of fuel and the amount.


The company offers services in Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County. The company offers one hour service for the cost of $5.99 and $3.99 for a three hours service.


This is a guest post article by Anand Rajendran.

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Written by Anand Rajendran

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