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Xamarin:A better way to develop cross-platform apps for businesses

Xamarin allows developers to build apps compatible with all OS platforms with ease.


There are two ways to develop apps:


1: Hybrid app development: 

This is mostly based on HTML5 & JS. It’s usually found as web apps. They’re compatible with most devices because they run straight from the internet using your web browsers local data storage capabilities. But those apps are let down by the lack of support of device hardware, and can’t provide a rich experience to user.


2: Native App development:


Native apps are built for a specific platform and can’t be used on another. Most of the apps you use are native apps. They use all features provided by device hardware via API calls & are hence faster than Hybrid apps. But, these apps need to be separately coded for each platform which is time consuming.



Now, Glorium Technologies has introduced a new way to develop apps which on the backend are cross-platform apps-but for the user, the app runs just like a native app.


This is Xamarin-The cross-platform app development software that simplifies the coding for developing apps for each platform. You need to code your app in just one language-and you get the output as two different apps. One for each platform.


See this infographic to know more about Xamarin:



Thanks to Glorium Technologies for informing me about Xamarin. You can view more info about this here.

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