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Tan Le demos a mind reading headset on TED:Trending Talk

Tan Le, CEO of Emotiv-a bioinformatics firm displays a headset that can control virtual objects using thought.

The future of the future(pun intended) is being revealed through random instances that happen every year. We happen to see future proof inventions that often make us feel that the future is here, now.


Here’s Tan Le of Emotiv, demonstrating her company’s new device EPOC-a headset that can read brainwaves & control an object using the directives from our thoughts. The device works by detecting the current variations during different kinds of thoughts & emotions. She also tells that each individual’s brain cortex is folded differently-much like a fingerprint & so the exact location of the current(or signal) is hard to detect.


She then invites Evan Grant, to help her to demo the device onstage.She tells that when you put the device for the first time, train the headset to understand what is your relaxed state brainwave.It is like Adding a new user to a computer & says that it normally takes 8 seconds.


And next you see Evan training the device to pull a virtual object from his computer screen-it fails at first,but within seconds the device learns it & object is pulled towards him.


He then tries to make the object disappear from the screen,but eventually loses concentration. Tan tells on that it is machine learning algorithm & will soon learn him-just at that instance,the audience roars into applause as the surprised Tan looks to see that the object has vanished.


Watch this talk now. This was actually recorded back in 2010 at TEDGlobal event but is still one of the top trending talks in TED.


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