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How to create Highly Compressed Zip archive files using WinRAR

A guide to create highly compressed ZIP files using WinRAR archiver.

Ever downloaded a ZIP archive  which claims to be highly compressed & then shocked to see a 1-5GB file after unzipping? I have, in fact I was tinkering with ZIP archiving softwares to try & create one myself.

Note that only certain types of files can be highly compressed-like Executable file clusters(.exe),images,etc. It’s actually a trial-and-error method, so keep trying if the compressed size isn’t satisfactory.

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To highly compress a file, you need to do some pre-requisites:

1. Close all other programs that you’re using. Nothing should be running other than WinRAR.

2. Open Task manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del & selecting from options. Now right click on WinRAR & select Go to details.

3. Right Click on WinRAR again & from Set priority, select Realtime

4: Open WinRAR & go to Options. From there select Settings.

5. From Settings, select Compression tab. Click on Create default Compression Profile.

6. In the General tab, select compression method as Best. Now set Dictionary Size to 64KB.

7. In the Advanced Tab, click on Compression.

8. Now the important part-Change Text compression to Force & Audio Compression/True Color Compression also to Force.

9. Then in Prediction Order, type in value 63.

10. In memory size, input 128. Then in Channels choose 4.

11. Save all & Try to compress a large file. Enjoy!

PS: It may not work well for the first time. Make sure you set priority to Realtime before highly compressing any file. If it still doesn’t work, then your computer may not have support for this feature.

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    • Aditya, are you sure you’re using the latest version of WinRAR?
      Check all steps & make sure you didn’t skip anything.
      The prediction order setting is right there, where I mentioned.
      Also, I’ve mentioned that some computers doesn’t support this compression method & maybe yours is one among them.
      Try it on another PC then.

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