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The .blog domains are coming:Pre-Book yours before Nov 21 has bagged the rights for the new .blog domain.Get yours before Nov 21.

.blog domain

There’s a good news to bloggers today, & the news is that Automattic Inc, the company behind WordPress announced that the timeline for launching the newest domain extension .blog has been finalised. The .blog domains will be available starting from Nov 21 to the public.


The .blog domain is a tribute to the world of blogs & bloggers who strive hard to generate quality content for the internet to feed upon. The .com domain is the most popular at present, but Automattic estimates & hopes that .blog will overtake it soon.


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Google has also confirmed that .blog domain will be ranked better in search results if the content matches the style & format of a typical blog(though it’s not clear what parameters they consider to check if it is actually a blog).


The good news is that not only WordPress blogs but any kinds of blogging platforms are eligible to use .blog domain. But the domain could be bought only from WordPress & its selected affiliate hosting providers. The registration prices aren’t finalised though. Prices for the .blog domain shall be confirmed on August 18.


The .blog domain opens up possibilities of fresh domain names & catchy URLs.It’ll be a lot more different from .com,net,org,edu domains.


If you want a .blog domain, make sure you register for the pre-book schedule on Sign up for their notifications in this page.


Just for your information, I’m quoting the mail I’ve received from Automattic Inc. about .blog domain.


Your .blog domain, coming November 21

Millions of great domains will be available soon. Learn about the launch schedule and apply for the names you want.

Applications accepted

starting August 18

We finalized the timeline for launching .blog, so you can start making plans to apply for the domains you want.

Trademark owners can apply starting August 18. Applications will be open to anyone starting November 2.

Apply before .blog goes live on November 21, to secure the perfect new domain for your blog.

Let’s hope that .blog domain will become a rollicking sucess & wish all the best to Automattic Inc & the future owners of .blog domain(including me, to be precise!).

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