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Raspberry Pi & its contribution to IoT(Internet of Things)

About Raspberry Pi boards and its uses in the IoT (Internet of Things) sector.


raspberry pi

Raspberry was just a fruit & Raspberry Pie was a dish made using it.Until 2012.It was then that ‘Raspberry Pie’ became ‘Raspberry Pi’ 🙂 .


It has now turned into world’s most preferred Single board computer and Internet of Things implementation device. Learn about this tiny Card sized computer and the various uses it has in the world of technology.

What is Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is the lowest priced Standalone computer in the world & the tiny size makes it a perfect match to create low cost smart electronic devices. The recently launched Raspberry Pi Zero is the cheapest among them, costing just ₹330 ($5) for a single piece. Even though the hardware fits in the tiny circuit board,Pi devices aren’t underpowered.In fact, they have enough power to run Windows 10 IoT edition without any sluggishness.


All Pi devices have an onboard Broadcom SoC typically clocked at 1-1.3GHz,RAM modules ranging from 256MB to 1GB a microSD card slot,MicroHDMI slot(so that it can be connected to a display), microUSB slots for data transfer & power & a 40 pin GPIO pin cluster for connecting custom made modules to it.


It was actually introduced to teach children programming, but then the world realised that there is enormous potential in this card size computer.The Pi supports installation of a wide variety of Operating Systems like Windows 10(Which I did mention),Linux,Fedora,BSD,Debian(and there’s a long list of OS’es you’ve never heard in your life).


It supports C,C++(my favourite),Python,Java,PHP,Perl & Ruby.


As of now, Pi comes with a customised Linux named Raspbian OS which is a fork of Debian Linux distribution. It is released by Raspberry Pi foundation which is a registered charity foundation with the aim of teaching everyone to code.


So how does Raspberry Pi help to grow the concept of Internet of Things(IoT)?.


Let’s find out.But if you want to know what’s IoT in detail,check this post:

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After you finish,come back here.OK, now let’s explore the relationship between Pi and IoT.


The Raspberry Pi is used in intelligent IoT devices. As you read in the mentioned post, IoT devices are smart devices which can be controlled via the internet. The Pi board is embedded inside these devices using the 40 GPIO & peripheral connection ports present.


Since it requires less power than a computer, Pi is very energy efficient & also does the job neatly. There are numerous Pi projects that are done using Pi board like smart doorbell, CCTV cameras,IoT enabled Microwaves, Lamps,Air conditioners & Oh! There’s a Smart Home theatre built using Raspberry Pi.


The folks at IBM did manage to run IBM Watson, their artificial intelligent platform,on Raspberry Pi using IBM Bluemix APIs. And IBM also allows to connect to Watson IoT from Raspberry Pi & then turn it into an AI data processor.


[irp posts=”794″ name=”IBM reveals its plans for the future. #IBMDevConnect at Bangalore-Live!”]


Similarly, Amazon has also launched Alexa Virtual Assistant(this is not the website rank tool) for Raspberry Pi available in Raspbian OS. If you have basic programming knowledge, you can easily build one yourself.


There’s a whole bunch of Addon Hardware corresponding to the device you’re going to make. This include displays,touch screens, sensors etc.


So if you’re interested, buy one(it isn’t pricey,isn’t it?) & check these links to build your own IoT device with Raspberry Pi. —The official website has some easy projects to work on. — Michael Teeuw makes a smart mirror that display weather info,checks social media updates & wish you good morning when you wake up.It’s a difficult project. —9 Raspberry Pi projects which are comparatively easy to build(that’s what I think 🙂 ).


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