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How to fix slow internet speeds on Windows

Fix slow internet/download speeds on Windows.

fix slow internet speed

Everything was going well for your PC.The ultimate smooth experience- fast & snappy downloads.But one fine day, you end with a slow internet speed on your PC.


And suprisingly, your phone or tablet connected to same WiFi network has no problem!… Ever had this dilemma? 


I’ll show you how to fix this. It so simple.


1: Checking for background programs eating up bandwidth:


 The task manager is the best place to check for such apps.You can access it by right clicking on taskbar.Other way is using Ctril+Alt+Del. & Selecting Task manager from the  options.Note that Windows 8 & above should select More details to see the full size Task Manager.

Now scroll through background processes section while keeping an eye on Network tab. If you see any suspicious program using bandwidth- select it & Click on End task. That it.Please don’t terminate anything from Windows Processes section as it will affect you more than what already happened.


2: Clean up registry for unwanted keys:


Sometimes unwanted registry keys can cause network slowdowns. Thus it’s recommended that you delete those. Use a good PC cleanup tool like CCleaner by Piriform to scan & fix invalid or leftover registry keys to speed up internet.


3: Disabling startup items & auto update enabled softwares:

Antivirus programs, Device drivers etc. can start when Windows starts & will download new updates in the background whenever it’s connected to internet. It’s actually meant for convenience but if you’re on a metered connection, this won’t make you happy.

PS:Since you’re disabling auto updater of your antivirus,make sure you update it manually once a month.


4: Change your DNS server:


It is one of the top fixes to do when your internet speed if slow, but I’ve listed it here so that you try this only after doing simple fixes. Changing to a faster resolving DNS like Google DNS can make your internet speed higher. 

To do this- Open Control Panel. Select Network & Sharing Center. In connections, select your active internet connection name. Then from Status, click on Properties.

Now you’ll see a lot of options out of which some are ticked & others are not. From the list select Internet Protocol version 4(IPV4). Click on Properties.

In the radio button select Use the following DNS address. Now type:

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

Now click on OK, Save your work & Restart. You’ll notice the change in speed of your internet connection.


5: Editing QoS Packet Scheduler:


If none of these options work for you,from Group Policy editor–try editing QoS packet Scheduler & changing the reserved bandwidth for background programs. Open Run box by Win+R keys & type:


in the box & press enter. Note that Windows 10 Home editions will not have group policy editor by default. You’ll have to enable it by using this executable patch. Links below:

[irp posts=”630″ name=”Group Policy editor not found fix for Windows 10 Home edition”]


Now in Local Computer Policy—> Computer configuration, select administrative templates. From there select Network.

Now select QoS packet scheduler. From there you’ll see Limit reservable bandwidth option.Right click & edit it. By default 20% of bandwidth is reserved by Windows.Since you can gain speed by unlocking the reserved bandwidth,you should set a custom value for it.

Select Enabled & in the percentage box,type 0. Apply & restart your system. You’ll see that now you have more speed.


6:The last fix:


Some computers will not have much changes even after that, they’re tough ones. They’ll need a system restore or recovery to behave well & give us more internet speed.

Try these tricks & tell me what’s your experience.

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