Microsoft’s New Xbox App Updates for iOS and Android

Microsoft’s New Xbox App Updates for iOS and Android


Microsoft has recently launched the Xbox app for iOS and Android, which is substituting the Xbox Smart Glass apps of both platforms.


Previously, Microsoft had launched this app only for its Windows 10 operating system, but now Smartphone users with Android and iOS platforms can also enjoy this app.
The Xbox Smart Glass was introduced as the smartest way of turning your Smartphone and Tab into an alternative of Xbox One. This time Microsoft has improved this app, fixed its errors and launched it with more interesting features.


According to Microsoft’s statement, the latest Xbox app will comprise all the features of Xbox Smart Glass. You can expect some more extended features that will improve your gaming experience on Windows 10PC, Xbox One and also on your iOS or Android smartphones. Microsoft is presenting this new app as an excellent way of continuing your gaming experience with the Xbox Community.


What’s New in Microsoft’s Latest Xbox App?

The maximum of Windows 10 users are aware of it and Microsoft states that new Xbox App will modulate all your Xbox games, Xbox live friends, your achievements through the iOS or Android device. Now it is not necessary to turn on the Xbox One or PC to get connected with Xbox community. Your tab or Smartphone is enough to stay connected. The most appealing features of Xbox app emphasized by Microsoft comprise:

Explore the recent activities of your Xbox Live friends:

Whether you are at home or not, you can track each movement of your Xbox Live friends by using Microsoft’s new Xbox app. You can check that which game they have bought, which game they have played and what did they achieve. This feature will keep you updated and it is simply awesome.
Access to latest updates and games on Xbox live:
Whenever any new game added, you can check the updates and share the latest information with your friends of Xbox community. It will be really simple to find and buy new games because now you will be able to do it anywhere you want.


You can access the Xbox One apps:

Suppose, you are at home and your Xbox is one, you can access its all apps through your Smartphone or Tab. No need to touch the remote because your device will give you instant access to all the features of Xbox One.


Control Your Xbox One through the Smartphone or Tab:

Microsoft’s latest Xbox app allows you to control the functions of Xbox One like play, pause and so on.
Microsoft has certainly launched Xbox App to reduce the troubles users used to face and now they have a great alternative to control their Xbox One activities. The users can purchase this app now from Microsoft’s App store and install it. Certainly, The Xbox app will bring a lot of fun with handy features. You will interact with your Xbox through this app and you will be able to better manage the Xbox movements. So, get it and enjoy the new way of playing games on Xbox.

The Xbox One App is available on Play Store! Go get it now!

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