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How to create an intelligent ChatBot for Customer service and Q&A sessions:DIY

Create an Intelligent ChatBot for online customer service & feedback collection.


In the age of Automation & Artificial Intelligence, its not very uncommon to find chatbots that provide automatic replies. We talk to a lot of them every day- from Railway enquiry system,Bank Customer service, Complaints forums etc. We hear boring automatically programmed voice giving us directions. What you heard was IVRS(Interactive Voice Response System), but unlike its name, it isn’t very interactive.

Here what I’m going to show you is to create a ChatBot & teach it some commonly asked questions & answers. Did you see the “Ask me Anything” Button in bottom of TechBuzzIn webpage? That’s our chatbot named TechBuzzIn. I’ve programmed it to answer basic questions about itself, about me &  you can also ask lot of other things like- ‘Who is Sachin Tendulkar?’, ‘Weather in India in celsius?’, ‘Tell me about you’ etc. 

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All ChatBots use an Artificial Intelligent Processing Library named AIML 2.0 (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) which is opensource & tons of new commands are added everyday.So by teaching your ChatBot new answers, you are improving the Knowledgebase of AIML.

Here are the steps to create your own ChatBot:

1: Sign Up on Botlibre.

2: Go to BotLibre Homepage & create a new bot.

3: Give your Bot a Name & Select a Template. If you are going to embed it on a website, I suggest you go with AI template.

4: Provide a description & License if needed.

5: If you want to use it on website, enter name of website.

6: Categorise the bot into atleast three categories. Since I created a Tech website Bot, I used Tech,Web & Knowledge categories.

Note that the bot can answer questions only in selected category range. So choose wisely.

7: Select Access Mode to Everyone & Fork Access Mode to Administrator. Give content rating accordingly.

8: Voila! You have created your ChatBot. Its time to teach it.

9: The bot will answer most basic questions which are found in AIML database. Else you should teach the correct response.

10: When the bot says something wrong, click on the X button near the typing bar. Then type the correct answer the bot should give to that question.

It will learn & respond the correct answer next time.

11: In this way train the ChatBot to answer the questions you think the users will ask & then you can embed it on your website.


PS: Chat with TechBuzzIn ChatBot & comment below if any command is not recognised by the ChatBot.


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