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Desktop App Converter by Microsoft converts Desktop app to UWP app

Microsoft releases beta version of Desktop App Converter, a tool which convert desktop apps to Windows UWP app.

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If you’re a fan of Windows 10 & Windows Store apps like me, you might have thought about a method to convert desktop apps to store apps that has a unified live tile & display with ease in Start menu. Converting Store apps to desktop apps is not possible now, but with MS Desktop App Converter, you can convert desktop apps to Windows store apps.

Desktop App Converter is from Project Centennial & can convert .NET based apps to UWP apps. And these can be uploaded on the Windows store(only if you’re its developer). It converts existing .msi & .exe files to .appx format. You can then sideload apps by using developer mode in Windows 10. It is currently not available in Windows 10 Home editions & also only for Windows Insider preview 14316 & above.

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All UWP apps are allowed to use only the pre-declared permissions from the system, unlike the Desktop apps which when given administrative privilege can modify any system file without the knowledge of the user. By converting Desktop apps to UWP apps, you can restrict the permissions of an app.

The MSDN website says: 

“As a UWP app, your app is able to do the things it could do as a classic desktop app. It interacts with a virtualized view of the registry and file system that’s indistinguishable from the actual registry and file system.”

The UWP apps when uninstalled, leaves no corrupt registry entries or residual files that has to be removed manually.

You can add UWP features to your app’s package, like an XAML user-interface, live tile updates, UWP background tasks, app services, and many more. All of the functionality available to any other UWP app is available to your app. But only .NET framework 4.6.1+  based software are supported by this conversion.

How to convert them:

1: Download the file Desktop App converter & BaseImage-XXXXX.wim from the link below the post. Here XXXXX denotes Build number of Windows 10 you use.

2: Extract & place BaseImage file in that directory.

3:Now open a Windows Powershell window(With Administrative Privileges & change PowerShell execution policy by running the following command. Agree to the change by typing y after that. 

Set-ExecutionPolicy bypass

4: Run the command below, replacing C:\Users\NAME\Downloads\DesktopAppConvertor with the path to the directory on your computer: 

cd -Path C:\Users\NAME\Downloads\DesktopAppConvertor

5: Execute DesktopAppConverter using this command: 

.\DesktopAppConverter.ps1 -Setup -BaseImage .\BaseImage-XXXXX.wim

Note that  you should replace XXXXX by the Windows version you are using.

6: The system may ask for a restart. Restart the computer & then run these commands again.

7: Now you are ready to convert a software to UWP. Select any simple program for the first time. Note that the software should not run as administrator.

8:Next run this command to convert it:

.\DesktopAppConverter.ps1 -ExpandedBaseImage C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Images\BaseImage-14316
–Installer C:\Installer\SampleApp.exe -InstallerArguments “/S” -Destination C:\Output\SampleApp
-PackageName “SampleApp” -Publisher “CN=<publisher_name>” -Version -MakeAppx -Verbose

Replace C:\Installer\SampleApp.exe with name of installer file , C:\Output\SampleApp with place where you want to save it & “SampleApp” with
a name which you’ll give to the new app, <publisher_name> with name of Developer & Input the Version number.

9: If everythiing went well, check the output folder to find a SampleApp.appx file.

10: Sideload the .appx file. Go to Settings–>Update & Security–>For Developers & select Sideload Apps. Select Yes in the Confirmation Dialogue box.

11: Now navigate to App output directory & run following command in Windows Powershell as Administrator:


C:\Add-AppxPackage .\SampleApp.appx

12: Done! Now check Windows 10 Start Menu to find that your app has been installed as a UWP app. Enjoy!

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD DesktopAppConveter & BaseImage from this link: (remember to select both of them in the download page.)

[sociallocker]  Download from Here     [/sociallocker]

Enjoy using the app as a Windows Store app!



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