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mCloud: Prijector’s cloud based centralised IoT platform for meeting rooms

mCloud , a cloud based IoT platform to reinvent concept of Video conference meetings.



The concept of Virtual meetings via Videoconference seems innovative, but what if the meeting can’t be started due to technical issues? Studies show that:

  • 12 minutes are wasted when people try connecting laptops to projectors or TVs in meeting rooms.
  • 15% of an organization’s collective time is spent in meetings

A headache that affects almost every company these days will soon be a forgotten issue- thanks to mCloud, Prijector’s cloud based IoT platform for meetings.

What is Prijector? :

Prijector is an IoT enabled dmcloudevice which simplifies the art of delivering presentations. It connects directly to TVs & Projectors & enables to present wirelessly. The device is cross platform compliant–supports Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry Devices. 

It makes every meeting room video conferencing capable by running apps like Skype, Microsoft Lync, Google Hangouts,Cisco Jabber etc. to name a few.

The device is extremely user friendly & simple, you can connect any WebCam to Prijector & it automatically detects it. It supports 10 people Video conference via Skype. It has built-in web browser so that you don’t need any other internet connected devices to refer for info during presentations. It supports Guest Internet Access at the same time keeping the main network secure. 

The hardware is built considering the future software updates & new features that can be added to the device. And it does more than the Miracast technology we’ve seeing in most of the devices right now.

You can easily toggle between Presentation & Video modes using their Prijector Companion Software which is installed on your laptop.

How does it work?: 

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There are two modes  of working for Prijector:

1: The WiFi Mode turns Prijector into a Hotspot & enables easy & convenient sharing.

2:Corporate Mode: It can be integrated and made a part of a corporate network setup.


What is mCloud? :

Prijector Plus connects to mCloud, their innovative meeting room IoT platform which puts all meeting room equipment into a Singular Central Dashboard. If a meeting attendee has any issues getting a meeting started they can seek help by clicking a button on the device. Prijector notifies the available admin who can resolve the problem  without having to physically come to the meeting room. 

The mCloud is a cloud-based service controller that allows managers who manage meeting rooms to troubleshoot any issues meeting attendees encounter in meeting rooms.

This includes switching modes between HDMI Sources during presentations and video conferencing, managing guest WIFI connectivity in meeting rooms, locking meeting room screens so screen jacking is not possible in the middle of presentations, controlling volume of the video conferencing equipment, managing Prijector Plus devices with latest updates, customizing screens with marketing messages on the TV screen in the meeting rooms, and more.

Here’s what Sunil Coushik, CEO of Prijector has to say:

“We spent the last two years building Prijector a hardware device for meeting rooms. As we kept building Prijector we realised the challenge was not just offering features like wireless presentations, guest internet access, and video conferencing apps. The challenge is the legacy infrastructure in the meeting rooms like the screen or the Projector that Prijector is connected to, the existing video conferencing equipment that is in the meeting room, the internet connection that is in the meeting room, multiple remote controls that are in the meeting rooms. Each one of these equipment can break down or work intermittently causing delays.

Putting all the equipment in a meeting room on the cloud is our first step to make every meeting room easy to use”

Prijector is trusted by leading companies like Amazon, Cisco, AT&T, Seagate & Accenture for organising their meetings via mCloud.

mCloud supports the use of  apps via Prijector’s App store which currently supports limited number of apps but hopefully, list can grow soon. If you’ve encountered a problem(rarely) there’s Prijector’s friendly support center that’s ready to hear you 24/7.

See mCloud in action:

Understanding Prijector Plus:

Impressed with it?

And you say you wanna buy one for your office? Head to Prijector Website to Add it to cart!

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