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IBM reveals its plans for the future. #IBMDevConnect at Bangalore-Live!

IBM explains about Watson, IoT, Cloud services & Artificial Intelligent API at IBM Dev Connect.


IBM Bluemix

IBM shows off Watson, its artificial intelligent & Natural Language Processing Solution & IBM Bluemix, a cloud platform with an easy to use API for developers who wants to create & maintain applications on the cloud. Bluemix supports latest code frameworks like PHP, Node.js,Python & Ruby.

Bluemix also supports API calls for IBM’s Watson- the natural language processor & Internet of Things device frameworks.

At the #IBMDevConnect event a drone was showcased which could be controlled by Brain EEG using Bluemix API calls.

IBM Watson is an innovative AI Solution with deep natural language processing support & abilities to understand & respond to human emotions.  Watson was named after IBM’s first CEO  Thomas Watson.

IBM Watson

Watson’s API allows to track user interactions of those who use your service. It can be integrated in websites & apps to provide a better end user experience by logging the non-sensitive user data generated on each page. It then connects each of the individual data using its database & predicts that the user wants next.

Watson’s machine learning tools enable an automated yet an unrecorded customer support & chat tools. It even supports giving financial advises to consumer based on their inputs.

It integrates APIs, analyzes the context and meaning of questions, reviews possible answers and determines the best solution.

The API also allows to dig out unorganised data & check if something important can be found out. This means better services are provided if necessary insights is available.

TechBuzzIn is one of the IBM Bluemix Champions!

Live Stream available here: Dev Connect Live


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