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Best online tools for multimedia & file handling

Best online tools for multimedia & file handling

When it comes to productivity, we always look for simple but powerful tools.Stop & think a second- When you want to edit a picture, which is the software/app you first use? Well for me photo editing is always done by Photoshop. But there are a lot of online tools that have more simple UI but have almost same functionality as softwares in our PC. Here I’ll show some online tools for easy multimedia editing. 

Just check them out!

1: Befunky Image editor:

best online tools

Befunky is the best online Image editor I’ve seen. It offers a lot of features like Adding Graphics,Overlays,Watermarks,Cropping,Vignette effects,Wide variety of filters. It also detects faces in the photo & supports Red eye fix,Eye brightening,Mascara,Wrinkles fixing etc.You can also change your hair colour & facial colour tone with this.

It also has a Collage maker & Designer tools to make Social Media Banners,Visiting cards,Cover photos & Label Graphics for free!

After editing, you can select where & which format you’d like to save it.It supports saving to Google Drive,Dropbox,Facebook photos & to our computer. It can also share those photos directly to Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. It uses HTML5 & Javascripts to load the Preload the resources into your browser cache.This one is the best online photo editor I’ve seen.

2: Cloudconvert File Converter :

best online tools

Cloudconvert is free online file converter that manages to convert files to a large variety of formats.It supports 214 file formats as of now. In fact its tagline is ‘Convert anything to anything’. So I checked if it could convert a .jpg to .mp3 file 🙂 . Other than the impossible conversion, it manages to convert files to wide array of file formats which are:


Archive: 7z,rar,zip,bz,gz,tar,tar.gz,iso,tgz,img,jar,deb,dmg,rpm,cab….etc.

Audio: aac,mp3,wma,flac,m4a,ogg,wav,amr,weba….etc.

Video: mp4,avi,mkv,3gp,m4v,mov,gif,mpg,mpeg,ogg,wmv,vob,webm,swf….etc.

Image: jpg,bmp,png,ico,raw,svg,webp,tiff,psd,odd,arw….etc.

In addition to this they have an API which you can use to embed conversion function in your own apps/websites. You can also save the files to Google drive,Dropbox,Box & Onedrive.

3: Google Docs:

best online tools

Google Docs is the best online document viewing & creation service. The fact that it is from Google makes it trustworthy & useful. Google Docs have 4 tools- Google Docs,Google Sheets,Google slides & Google forms. Google docs is completely compatible with MS Office & files edited in Google Docs can be read by MS Office & vice-versa. Docs has built-in Google Drive integration so that you can edit files directly from the cloud, without need to download it & reupload to Docs.It supports several addons for increased functionalities. The android app is also available in Play store.

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4: Evernote:

best online tools

Evernote is the best note taking app & you can create list, note down tips , create a checklist & draw sketches on your note. You can share your notes with others too. I personally like & use Evernote.

The all platform apps make easy for syncing notes across devices. The web app is now better & polished. A must use for all smart people.

5: PrintWhatYouLike ( :

best online tools

Whenever you wanted to print a whole webpage it was too troublesome. The ads & other unwanted graphical elements also came out with the necessary images & text which used your printer catridge more than needed. This service makes any page printer-friendly by offering the user methods to edit & remove unwanted elements from the webpage. It does this by pulling the source of the page & allowing the user to remove objects required in the graphical editor.

It has a handy bookmark so that you can access PrintWhatYouLike on any webpage instantly. It’s a must check out feature!


Use these online tools now itself & comment about your experience on using it.

What do you think?

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