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J Group Robotics launches affordable 3D printer in India

J Group Robotics launches Delta Minion-a low cost 3D printer in India


J Group Robotics, the Indian #D printer maker has launched its affordable 3D printer. Named Delta Minion, which offers the convenience of Desktop 3D Printing at a remarkable price of an automatic 3D Printer. With so much technology at your command, it is truly an advanced compact Machine.

The 3D Printing technology delivers high precision, surface quality and functionality as well as the ability to use a wide range of materials at tailored production speeds. J Group Robotics works with a strong customer and partner base in diverse sectors such as aerospace, consumer packaging, hearing aid, dental, consumer electronics, auto manufacturing, architectural and design companies.

The new generation Delta Minion is a small package but a power house in the hiding. Delta Minion suits the creative production of Engineering class as well as just your hobbies.

The concept of 3D printer is something revolutionary, but price holds an average consumer to stop buying it. Here’s where the Delta Minion comes into play. 

Here’s the details of India’s most affordable 3D printer: (From J Group Robotics website)


j group robotics

j group robotics

j group robotics

Let’s hope that with the launch of J Group Robotics’s Delta Minion will make the entry of other 3D printer makers harder & the competition will be ultimately good for the consumer.

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