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Optimise sites to load faster with Cloudflare:Best settings

Optimise sites to load faster with Cloudflare: How to

optimise sites to load faster with cloudflare

Optimise sites to load faster with Cloudflare. A little while back I told you how to speed up blogs to get more pageviews. I then told that I will provide more info about configuring Cloudflare for speed. So now I’ve kept my Promise- Now I’ll tell you how to Optimise sites to load faster with Cloudflare.

Cloudflare claims to supercharge any website within minutes. And it’s true.You know how fast TechBuzzIn loads on your browser isn’t it? Its because we use Cloudflare, & that’s making a huge difference to us on the server side.

Now, if you’re a WordPress user please refer to Cloudflare’s documentation for Integrating your website with Cloudflare. Here we discuss only the best settings to use with Cloudflare. Assuming that you have already integrated Cloudflare with your Website, let’s start optimising for lightning speed.

Follow these easy steps:

1: Configure SSL/HTTPS on your blog(for WordPress Users only others please don’t do this):

First, go to Plugins page & Add new plugin.Search for ‘SSL Insecure Content Fixer’ & Install/Activate the plugin.

Then open its Settings & Select Capture option

Now in Plugin specific fixes, select Pagination & Google Chrome HTTPS fix.a

Finally in HTTPS Detection, select HTTPS CF VSITOR. Now Save those settings.

Now Install Cloudflare official Plugin from WordPress Plugins & Connect it with Cloudflare.

In Cloudflare plugin, turn on HTTPS Protocol rewriting & save the settings.

Now go to Cloudflare Admin Panel. In the Page rules section, create a new Page rule.

Type your Website URL in this format http://*website.tld/* replace ‘website.tld’ with your website URL eg: http://**

Now in the Settings, select Always Use HTTPS. Now Save it & Deploy. Done! Your website will now be loaded in HTTPS version.

2: Cache Everything Setting for faster load & Minimal server bandwidth use.

Go to Page rules Section again & create a Page rule.

Input URL of your website.

Note: If you used the setting mentioned in #1:(HTTPS Page rule), then you should type*.

If you didn’t use HTTPS then type*

Make sure that you replace ‘website.tld’ with URL of your website.

Now Select Setting Cache Level. Then select the Value: Cache everything.

Save it & Deploy.

3:Speed Tricks:

In the Speed section, select Auto Minify to HTML. Don’t Minify JS & CSS unless you are sure with it. For eg: When TechBuzzIn’s JS & CSS was minified, some scripts loaded slowly & caused Browser to crash.

Now you can test the Rocket Loader feature to Automatic. Note that this is in BETA version so it may not work properly for you. But if you find it to be working,then it’s totally the best option.

4:Cache Tricks:

In the Cache section, select Cache Level to Ignore Query string.

Also Set Always Online to ON.

After doing this WordPress Users should protect thier WP-ADMIN by creating a Page rule.

Create Page rule by Entering URL like this*

Replace ‘website.tld’ with your URL. Then Save & Deploy It.

5: Final Step:

Go to Cache section & Purge Everything.

After 1 minute, Clear your Browser Cache,cookies & all offline website data.

Then load your website. It should be faster than before!


If it’s still not fast, we can help! Just drop a comment below with all necessary details like Page load time(approx) & Cloudflare settings that you choose.





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  1. There is a lot on this topic. But these settings work fine on my blog.
    Cloudflare at first seems incredibly difficult to integrate with WP.

    • Yes Jimmy, there’s a lot more to add to this topic. Maybe in future I can add more points & write another post comprehensively.
      Keep checking back TechBuzzIn.

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