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Nextbit Robin launched in India:The real cloud phone

Nextbit Robin in India:Features & Expectations.

nextbit robin

Nextbit Robin is a smartphone that created much hype before its launch in India. It claims to be the first smartphone with complete cloud backup facilities.Earlier, smartphones did come with cloud backup facilities, but only User data(Music,Pictures & Videos ) were backed up to the cloud. Most cloud backup & Storage providers had apps for smartphones that enabled users to backup without hassles.

Nextbit Robin takes it few steps further with its native cloud backup facility. With this, not only User Data, but Installed Apps & their App Data & Obb files get backed up to the cloud.

In the Robin, the most used apps are not backed up to the cloud. They stay in the local memory. Other apps which are rarely used(Once or twice a month or so) gets backed up to the cloud. Their App Data are deleted from the phone to save Internal Memory. Cloud Backed up apps are shown with a Greyish texture so that users can differentiate them. When the user needs to open the Cloud apps, just tap on them & they are retrieved from the cloud. 

Robin has two speakers which are placed on the Front of the phone. It is usual that someone may mistake them for the Home Button(One of them is Indeed a Home button!).

The power button is placed on the side of Nextbit Robin & it also houses the fingerprint sensor. Just press it, & your phone is unlocked, no swiping necessary.

Nextbit also claims that the Robin could be rooted & installed with Custom ROMS without Voiding the warranty.

It also has tiny LEDs on the back which blink when the Robin is carrying out backup procedures. The nice Rounded Square design makes it easy to hold & also have firm grip on the phone.

The Robin has a 5.2 inch display & 3GB RAM.It has 32GB Onboard memory+100 Cloud storage for all users for free!

The Robin features a 13MP Camera which is good enough to take decent pictures.The 100GB cloud storage ensures that you don’t run out of space.

Robin is Android Pay ready using its Fingerprint Sensor & Google Two step Verification process. 

The Robin comes with a USB C type charging port which supports Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 standards. It also offers Open source drivers & kernel sources just in case the user wants customise Robin.

Robin has a starting price of  ₹20,000 in India. For the price & features on offer, it’s definitely an excellent smartphone.

Photos of Nextbit Robin:Click on each to Enlarge

nextbit robinnextbit robinnextbit robin

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