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Wireless Charging technology: Things to know

Wireless Charging technology:The new trend in smartphones industry.

Wireless charging technology is slowly becoming the next big thing in smartphone world. So much that it has actually become a standard feature in today’s sub-30K smartphones. The standard of Wireless charging is termed as Qi (the word roughly means ‘flow of energy’ in Chinese). The standards of Qi are set by Wireless Power Consortium. The Windows Phones were the first range to include Qi Wireless charging technology in them. Basically what happens is: You place the phone on a charging pad. And 5 minutes later you pick up the charged phone & continue to use it.

Lets look at QI technology of Wireless charging:

Qi has a resonance design in its 1.2 specification for longer power transfer up to 2.8cm, but due to ensuring compatibility with existing Qi transmission frequencies, Q factor and heat limitations, it is not as effective at transmitting power over long distances as a system designed specifically for that purpose.The technologies have communication protocols built in to ensure the correct power transfer between devices and this is being used communication with other systems. For example, it can be used with smart home solutions, such as controlling lights or temperature, or transmitting information about your favourite radio station or even your optimal seat position to your car’s on-board computer.

Now a lot of manufactures are showing support to the Wireless charging technology. Recently at CES 2016, Audi & Mercedes announced Wireless charging capabilities for their upcoming cars, & this will be a neat feature in the electric cars of the future. Who knows!

Now for a clear understanding, here’s a some info from PowerByProxi , a Wireless charging Pad maker. Just read it & understand.

The picure also explains neatly how things work.

Transcript of wireless charging steps
  •  Mawireless charging technologyins voltage is converted into high frequency alternating current (AC).
  • The alternating current (AC) is sent to the transmitter coil by the transmitter circuit.  The alternating current then induces a time varying magnetic field in the transmitter coil.
  • Alternating current flowing within the transmitter coil induces a magnetic field which extends to the receiver coil (when within a specified distance).
  • The magnetic field generates current within the receiver coil of the device.  The process whereby energy is transmitted between the transmitter and receiver coil is also referred to as magnetic or resonant coupling and is achieved by both coils resonating at the same frequency.
  • Current flowing within the receiver coil is converted into direct current (DC) by the receiver circuit, which can then be used to charge the battery.

It’s through this process that power is safely transferred over an air gap. As well as any non-metal object that might exist between the coils. Such as wood, plastic or granite.

The future:

As mentioned, Wireless charging is a powerful technology. It can be something which can save time for charging our devices. But the current implementation have an efficeny of 70-75% & the rest of the power is not delivered to the target device. We would like to see more efficient Wireless chargers using Qi standards in the future.

Also, it can be used to charge laptops & other consumer electronic devices. Would be nice if we’d find this in Pacemakers used for powering the heart.

Wireless charging should have worked wonders. 

So if the consumers see a phone having versions One with standard micro-USB charge & other with Wireless charging.Both phones have similar specs other than presence of Wireless charging. Should the consumers buy the Wireless verion or should they stick to the micro-USB version?

Well, time will decide that.Lets leave it there. Thank you 😀 !

What do you think?

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