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Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator:A fridge with a Touchscreen!

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is a fridge with touchscreen & internet access!

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is the Korean manufacturer’s latest and boldest attempt at selling us on the smart fridge. It has a 21.5 inches touchscreen on the door & cameras on inner side of it watching the contents stored in the fridge. The OS in the smart fridge is Tizen which is unfortunately has a limited collection of apps.

It does all the fridge things you’d expect — “Customsamsung family hub refrigerator cooling” with a “Triple Cooling System” with an ice maker and custom zones and whatever else. There’s a “Flex Zone” that you can set to either be a freezer or a wine fridge. But you’re not here to learn about fridge tech, you’re here for tech on a fridge. And Samsung knows how to slap tech on to things better than anybody.

The homescreen of the fridge has Windows UWP style icons & widgets. You can move it & arrange it according to your wish.

Then there are 3 Cameras that are embedded in them door of fridge. It takes a Photo of the contents inside each time when you close the door.Tap the “View Inside” button on the fridge’s screen, or open up the Samsung Smart Home app on your phone, and you’ll be able to check the latest picture. Samsung pitches it as a handy way of checking whether or not you need more orange juice or whatever while you’re out at the grocery.

The Family Hub refrigerator has another interesting option. It allows to set expiry date for each item inside the fridge & sets alarm accordingly.

Other than the “View Inside” mode, there’s a web browser, and an app that can mirror the feed from your Samsung Smart TV, the Instacart and Groceries by Mastercard apps for getting ingredients delivered to your door, and an app called Sticki that syncs up your family’s calendars into a shared, color-coded fridge calendar.

The fridge also has Stereo speakers & can play music well. It also supports Music streaming from Internet like Soundcloud.If you want something that sounds better, you can sync the fridge up with external speakers via Bluetooth.

There were rumours that this will be the first fridge with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant support.But later on Samsung backed out from those claims &, honestly Alexa should have made this better.

This year, there’s been floods of IoT enabled smart household devices & Samsung has also contributed to the hype by rolling out Family Hub Refrigerator.

After churning out these words above, do you wish to buy this behemoth?  Well, the Family Hub fridge starts at $5,799. 😀 !

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