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Top Windows Keyboard shortcuts: Maximise your Productivity

Top Windows Keyboard shortcuts: Speed up your tasks!

Hi, now I’m going to show you the top windows keyboard shortcuts to enhance your speed & complete tasks in computer faster.

top windows keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 Special Shortcuts:

  • Win+C                    ——– Opens up Cortana (Speech only mode)
  • Win+S                    ——– Opens up Cortana & Search
  • Win+G                   ——— Opens Xbox Game bar
  • Win+Tab                 ——— Opens Windows 10 Task View
  • Win+X                     ———– Opens Start Button context menu
  • Win+A                     ———-Open Windows Action center
  • Win+I                      ———- Opens Settings UWP App
  • Win+Ctrl+D              ———-Create a virtual desktop
  • Win+Ctrl+F4            ———-Close current virtual desktop
  • Win+PrtScr                 ———Smart Screen Capture

General Shortcuts:

  • Win+R                        ———Opens Run command
  • Win+ Space                ——–Switch the input language (If the system has more than one)
  • Windows + D             ———Show Windows Desktop
  • Alt+Tab                       ——— Switch to a previous window
  • Alt + Space                 ———Minimise, Maximise,Restore current window
  • Ctrl+Z                         ———-Undo
  • Ctrl+Y                          ———-Redo
  • Ctrl+X                           ———-Cut
  • Ctrl+C                         ———Copy
  • Ctrl+V                            ——–Paste
  • Ctrl+A                          ——–Select All
  • Ctrl+Mouse select           ———-Multiple files select
  • Ctrl+(+)                          ———-Zoom-In
  • Ctrl+(-)                           ———-Zoom-out
  • Shift+Del                        ———–Permanently Delete file without recycle bin
  • F10                                   ———–Activate menu bar in current app
  • Alt+Enter                        ————Display properties for selected item
  • Ctrl+R or F5                   ————Refresh
  • F2                                     ————-Rename the selected item
  • F1                                    —————-Display Help
  • F4                                     —————–Display the address bar list in File Explorer
  • Ctrl+F4                            —————-Close the active document(apps that allow you to have multiple documents opened)


  • Shift+F10                           —————Display the shortcut menu for the selected item
  • Shift+Arrows                     —————Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text within a document
  • Right arrow(>)                   —————-Open the next menu to the right, or open a submenu


  • Left Arrow(<)                     —————Open the next menu to the left, or close a submenu


  • Esc                                     —————Stop current task(The Esc key is not so effective in Win 8.1 & Win 10


  • Ctrl+Alt+Del                        —————Opens Task manager & Lock, Switch user & sign out menu


  • Alt+F4                                ————–Power options(Shut down,Sleep,Hibernate,Restart)

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